Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Voice Season 5: Live Rounds-- Team Christina and Team Cee Lo

From Team Cee Lo: Amber Nicole singing Wasting All These Tears by Cassadee Pope-- I feel like this was the wrong song and she messed up in several places and was under pitch for the majority of it. The coaches are not good at being critical when they need to be, it's a little bit of a let down cause Amber would benefit from this information.

From Team Cee Lo: Jonny Gray singing Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve-- This performance was disappointing considering how talented Jonny is. The song didn't build, it didn't go anywhere so it was a challenge for him to showcase his vocals. I agree with Cee Lo, a sound like Jonny's is rare, but he didn't capitalize with this performance. Hopefully he'll stick around based on the fact that Amber had a more weak performance than he.

From Team Cee Lo: Tamara Chauniece singing I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor-- Tamara's vocals were good, but this song has been overdone, and I would have liked to see Tamara sing something a little more contemporary than this. Adam and Blake both complimented her vocals.

From Team Cee Lo: Kat Robichaud singing She Keeps Me Warm by Mary Lambert-- This is my favorite performance so far from a member of Team Cee Lo. Kat has authentic rock star quality to her. I was waiting for her to give more, and I think that's what Christina was getting at in her comments to Kat. Adam felt similar in that he wished she kicked it into a different gear.

From Team Cee Lo: Caroline Pennell singing We're Going to be Friends by The White Stripes-- I genuinely enjoyed this performance by Caroline. She has such a soothing quality to her voice. Blake said she could be singing about killing people and he would still be skipping around the stage. Adam felt that she really came into her own tonight, I feel like she did it before tonight, but I understand his point. It's like her having consistent performance after performance isn't just luck, she has real talent.

From Team Christina: Josh Logan singing Crazy by Knarls Barkley-- I absolutely loved the phrasing and his vocal. Cee Lo was honored that he did his record, and said good job. Adam thought that the wordiness of the song was overwhelming his experience, but he is a huge fan. Christina thought the way that Josh performed it was so original, and she loves the way he ad libs everything.

From Team Christina: Olivia Henken singing Roar by Katy Perry-- They hardly talked to anyone about Olivia's performance except for Blake and Christina who both offered not much feedback. It was a nice performance, but again, what was special about it? I am unsure of that.

From Team Christina: Stephanie Anne Johnson singing Georgia on My Mind by Ray Charles-- Loved Stephanie's performance. I feel like this is what I was waiting for from her; it was so strong. Cee Lo said he was entertained, amazed, and jealous. He felt she commanded the crowd. Adam liked how she opened up the song and changed it; he respected it and thought it was a really great performance. He said it's a song he loves because he reveres Ray so much. Christina says Stephanie can do it all and loves all the great jazz skills that she has.

From Team Christina: Matthew Schuler singing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus-- This young man has an opportunity to win this whole thing. He is so powerful in his vocal and delivery; he absolutely 100% slays every song he sings. Cee Lo said you make me so sick, I hate how much I love you, you did a great job. Adam said three hearts just broke. He said it makes me angry cause you're not on my team. Blake said this is the guy, forget you, you're so good. Christina said they don't like you cause they love you. You bring such charisma and emotion.

From Team Christina: Jacquie Lee singing I Put a Spell on You by Screamin' Jay Hawkins-- And with that electrifying-ly energetic performance from Jacquie, I say, see you Olivia! That vocal from someone who is 16 is far beyond her years; that was fierce. Cee Lo said Oh my God Jacquie, dang, that was the absolute best. It was past, present, and future, and you are the future. Adam said you were tremendous, the emotion and how connected you were. Christina said I am honored to be your coach, I just love you, you're an old soul.

I think Olivia is going home from Team Christina and Amber or Tamara are going home from Team Cee Lo.

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