Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Voice Season 5: The Top 12, Jonny and Josh head home, but was it deserved?


James Wolpert sang Mr. Brightside by The Killers-- As usual, James has impressed me once again. James has been on a hot streak for a few weeks now. To tell you the truth, I hope he continues with these consistent performances. Adam chose exactly the right song for him, it really played to his geek turned rocker style. The high note, Adam's suggestion, A--mazing!

Jacquie Lee sang Love is Blindness by U2-- Love how I hear so many other singers in Jacquie Lee but yet she remains her own singer and an original one at that. She has so much strength and maturity and she displays it every time she comes out and performs. I think if Jacquie continues down this road, she has a better than good chance of winning this.

Kat Robichaud sang Sail by AWOLNATION-- I enjoyed this performance more than I thought I would. Kat attacked it, and for the life of me, why was she in the bottom three? Besides having a great rock voice, she is an above par performer.

Matthew Schuler sang Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley-- I was so excited to see that Matthew was singing this, and hearing him sing it was a blessing. His voice was literally like a prayer, there was this surreal silence throughout the studio audience as he sang. I loved that Adam brought up the legacy that Matthew is preserving when he sings this song this beautifully and I could not agree more.

Cole Vosbury sang Adorn by Miguel-- Loved how Blake and Cole bonded over having siblings that were killed in car crashes. Oh..... my....goodness! This was an unreal performance, it literally brought tears to my eyes because it was so so beautiful. He brings so much versatility. I still cannot believe he was a one chair turn. The high note was awesome, the emotion was palpable. Cee Lo, who initially was the only one to pick him was so happy for him, and rightfully so.

Will Champlin sang Demons by Imagine Dragons-- Will was the last performer of the night, and he had so much passion. I loved how he put his heart and his soul into that performance so fully. I must mention that I realized something when Will finished singing and that's that all the artists in the top have something in common. They all have this unbounded love for music; it flows through their veins.


Tessanne Chin sang My Kind of Love by Emile Sande-- There's no doubt Tessanne has a strong voice, it's reminiscent of female vocalists today who power through performances and their voices just touch you. Tessanne reminds me of Rihanna at times, Kelly Clarkson, etc. The song was a little unrecognizable-- in other words, she could have picked something a little more popular and therefore relevant.

Ray Boudreaux sang All of Me by John Legend-- This was a nice switch for Ray. There were absolutely some parts of it that were pitchy, but there was also a real tenderness to it. His vocal was soft, precise, and the high notes were right on.

Josh Logan sang Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson-- Actually liked this performance. I know Christina told him to scale back on the ad-libs that he does throughout the songs, but I actually wish he hadn't because I think it cost him some valuable votes. I must wonder whether or not he would have been saved from the bottom three and ultimately elimination if he had poured it on a little bit thicker.

Jonny Grey sang Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins--Ok now, I have finally heard the performance that supposedly sent Jonny home. While I think the arrangement was a little weak and the song choice was certainly not the best, I don't know that he deserved to go home after this, especially taking past performances into consideration.


Caroline Pennell sang Wake Me Up by Avicii-- I found this performance boring at best and not much different than all the other songs she has tackled in this competition. Caroline is a favorite of mine because her voice makes me feel like  I am wearing a warm fuzzy sweater, but if she doesn't step it up she'll be going home soon.

Austin Jenckes sang It's a Great Day to Be Alive by Travis Tritt-- This is a performance where the song choice was a little bit too cookie cutter for me. I still like Travis, and I don't think he should have been voted out either because he just has so much heart, and he's such a nice person. This wasn't the song for him though. I would love to see him do some Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp.

Who was your pick to go home last week? Did Jonny and Josh deserve to go home?

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