Monday, November 4, 2013

The Voice Season 5: Time for the Live Shows!

Tonight is Team Blake and Team Adam and tomorrow night will be Team Cee Lo and Team Christina--

Up first...

From Team Blake: Shelbie Z. singing Fancy by Reba-- This was a good performance, but I didn't find anything special about it. Christina made this weird comment about how she liked Shelbie's growls; I feel like if she really did like the performance, she could have found something else to comment on.

From Team Adam: James Wolpert singing A Case of You by Joni Mitchell-- That was amazing. What phenomenal feeling and the vocal was so special. Blake said to come out and perform acoustically like that and then to have the amazing vocals too, congratulations. Christina complimented his vocal range. Adam commented on how he bounced back and did something so bold and so elegant, he said he could not be any more proud of him.

From Team Blake: Nic Hawk singing Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke-- Nic remains entertaining and really knows how to get the crowd going. I love that quality about him cause Shelbie wasn't able to do that. Christina said he did it all, and fabulous job. Cee Lo said Nic is one of his favorites and he did a great job. Adam said seeing Nic was bittersweet cause he shouldn't have let him go, you're so fun to watch and I'm proud of you. Blake said that Nic does everything he could do as a performer.

From Team Blake: Ray Boudreaux singing Home by Marc Broussard-- So far, Shelbie is the weak link because Ray's performance was so strong. The vocal was that thing he is so good at "swamp pop", his voice is just so gritty. Christina thought it was his best yet. Cee Lo called him "sugar Ray" and thought it was great. Adam thought it was really excellent and talked about how he toured with Marc Broussard on one of his first tours. Blake said you're doing so much good for your heart with that performance.

From Team Blake: Austin Jenckes singing She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes-- I need to totally echo these judges in that Austin brings so much emotion to each performance. And The Voice truly does have the best talent of any singing show on TV right now. Christina loved the performance. Cee Lo loved his effortlessness and his conviction and commitment to the performances. Adam loved the song and has loved Austin from the beginning and offered to take him out on a Harley ride. Blake loved his heart and the fact that he gave 150%.

From Team Adam: Grey singing Still Into You by Paramore-- This was such a fun performance by Grey, loved the free quality that the vocal had. Blake wished he could steal Grey and thought she did a great job. Adam said Blake was rambling like a maniac cause he likes her so much, everyone does. He thought this was the perfect song for her.

From Team Adam: Will Champlin singing Secrets by One Republic-- Will is so flippin' talented. I loved his vocals, how he played the piano and he put his spin on the song. Christina said she is routing for him and he hit the money note. Cee Lo thought it was a dynamic performance. Adam said he has a special gift with his voice and put on the performance of his life tonight.

From Team Adam: Preston Pohl singing Nothin' on You by B.O.B. featuring Bruno Mars-- I love that the Voice is called what it is because when I close my eyes and hear someone like Preston, I think about Mowtown, particularly someone like David Ruffin. He's just special, wow. Blake said it was right in the pocket and he has so much passion and the pitch is perfect, it was so good, studly. Lol. Christina said you make everything you sing sound classic and old school. Cee Lo said, I thought I could have coached you better, but you did a great job. Adam said you covered all ground, no one in this competition has what you have, it can't be coached.

From Team Blake: Cole Vosbury singing Maggie May by Rod Stewart-- For me, Cole is another person in this competition who just has such a unique voice, and every time I hear him I like him more. Christina said she was so shocked that he was a one chair turn! Cee Lo said I still love you unconditionally, I support you to the end, even if it means me losing. Adam said I'm a stupid person, I'm an idiot. You're so good, and it's one of my favorite songs, and I wish there was a button I could press to get you on my team. Blake said you're good for this show, I feel like you're someone who could win the whole thing and I am lucky enough to have you on my team.

From Team Adam: Tessanne Chin singing Many Rivers to Cross by Jimmy Cliff-- Christina said I've been a fan from day one. Cee Lo said you're one of my favorites, you remind me that I'm alive. Adam said, talent aside, you have a golden soul. Your talent is mind boggling, I don't even know where to start. Vocally, it doesn't get better than what you just did.

Sadly, I think two women are going home Wednesday... Sheblie Z. and Grey... It's hard to say this cause everyone is just so strong, but this is my prediction.

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