Monday, April 23, 2012

The Voice, Oh No! It's More LIVE Eliminations

After last week's shocking live eliminations of Jesse Campbell and Jordis Unga on Monday and Ashley de la Rosa and Rae Lynn on Tuesday, I am watching tonight's episode with baited breath. I am nervous, some of my favorite people were eliminated, okay, okay, it may be fair to say that at this point in the competition, I have many favorites because the majority of these people are just top notch.

Jamar Rogers from Team Cee Lo kicked off the show by singing It's My Life by Bon Jovi-- Love Jamar, loved him since American Idol Season 8, but I feel like this song was better than he was. The judges totally sugar coated it just gushing over how wonderful Jamar is, and he is, but this performance wasn't like he was singing for his life. I'm also not sure what type of artist Jamar wants to be. Rock? R&B? Pop? Hip Hop? The ultimate question I was left asking myself was, does he deserve to be there? My answer needs to be yes. He has fought like hell to be here, but more than that, he has unfiltered talent.

Katrina Parker from Team Adam sang Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri-- Agree with Blake's comments about the rasp in her voice, it was amazing. Adam told Katrina that she was not one of his favorite people on his team, but she has evolved so much and she has one of the best voices now. Her vocals, for me, were just flawless in that performance, it's so amazing to think that the "pros" are lip synching and here's this undiscovered diamond in the rough laying it all out there for us.

Mathai from Team Adam sang I'm Like a Bird by Nelly Furtado-- Christina said it didn't sound like Mathai connected with the song, and the song sounded force fed. I feel the same way, and I haven't agreed with Christina much this season, but I did agree with that. It just did not sound comfortable. Nothing to do with Mathai, but the guy swinging overhead during performance was extremely strange.

James Massone from Team Cee Lo sang Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel-- Blake and Christina for some odd reason didn't like it. Conspiracy? I think so. James is a huge threat, draws in tons of votes from the young female persuasion. Thank goodness for Adam, he piped in and said he liked it and thought it was great. I was especially surprised to hear that Blake didn't like it cause he was all over having this kid on his team from the very beginning. I hope James gets the opportunity he deserves to move to the next round.

Tony Lucca from Team Adam sang Baby One More Time by Britney Spears-- Well he sure did show Christina! Tony Lucca is fearless. Christina proposed a Mickey Mouse Club reunion. Blake thought the performance was smart and loved it. Adam praised Tony for embracing his roots and having the courage to come out and do this. Tony is the American Dream that is destined to come true, he just goes out every week and gives it his best, we see his heart on that stage and cannot help but route for this man. I love him, and I hope Adam believes in him as much as his fans do.

Cheesa from Team Cee Lo sang I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston-- Christina applauded Cheesa's powerful performance, and Cee Lo called it exceptional. He said he is ready to look to the future power vocalist and that's why he brought Cheesa back. Cheesa is a powerful voice, I don't know that I loved all those new inflections that she injected into the song. I'm so used to hearing that song the way that Whitney Houston sang it, but I can appreciate what she did as far as taking a risk. It's really all or nothing in these kinds of competitions, and to win big you need to be willing to risk big.

Pip from Team Adam sang Somewhere Only We Know by Keane-- I liked the song choice but it kind of fell apart at the end when he tried to do those high notes. Maybe his desire to do this song just wasn't enough.

Juliet Simms from Team Cee Lo sang Cryin by Aerosmith-- I liked Juliet's performance, but I don't know, she just didn't blow me away like she normally does. I would love to think that maybe it has something to do with that blonde hair which completely just throws me off.

Anyhow, now to the part of the show that Adam calls "stupid"-- the instant elimination: Cee Lo eliminated my baby brother and yours, James Massone. I disagreed with this, I think it should have been Cheesa to go, I Am Nothing was Whitney karaoke. Adam eliminated Pip, I think I would have gone with Pip or Mathai this week, so good call on that Adam. You've been the only one to get it semi right thus far. Who will make it to the final two on each team? Only time, votes, and itunes will tell.

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