Monday, April 16, 2012

The Voice: Live Eliminations!

Rae Lynn from Team Blake once again kicked off a live show, they must have tons of faith in her. She sang She's Country by Jason Aldean in top form; it had tons of sass and she made the song her own. Christina even talked about wanting to become a country singer because the performance was so bad ass. I think Christina should stick to pop.

Jesse Campbell sang Halo by Beyonce; I didn't love this song for him but creatively he did his thing. His coach Christina naturally loved the performance, I don't think it was his best but I do think he takes risks fairly consistently and he gets points for that.

I was so touched by Jordis Unga's performance of Stronger by Sara Evans. Adam praised her connection with the song and the passion and emotion that she showed. This was a totally different side of her tonight, and I feel like the audience is going to understand her that much better.

Ashley De La Rosa sang Foolish Games by Jewel, and I will say it again, this young lady has stepped up in the competition. Adam agreed with me and said Ashley is the biggest surprise in this competition. Blake reiterated and said that smartest decision this year was Christina saving Ashley.

I always get scared when contestants take on Adele, especially right now since Adele is so white hot. Erin Willett took on Set Fire to the Rain, and she killed it. She made it a little different, and it really worked well with her voice. Adam urged her to focus on her phrasing for the future. I agree with Blake, I think she is the only person left in this who could effectively sing an Adele song.

I adore Lindsey Pavao, but I didn't care for this performance of Part of Me by Katy Perry. I just didn't find it exciting enough.

Christina praised the phenomenal Jermaine Paul; he killed Against All Odds by Phil Collins, he brought so much soul to that. Christina even said he was her favorite on Blake's team. Cee Lo and Adam both loved it and felt he did his own thing with it. Blake felt this performance was a turning point for Jermaine and that it turned him into a superstar.

I loved Chris Mann's performance of Viva La Vida by Coldplay. It was so wonderful to have someone who sings opera sing that song in that way. I really hope Christina keeps Chris on her team because I think he is going to thrill everyone.

So tonight was instant eliminations on The Voice, and I think both judges were wrong sadly Christina eliminated Jesse Campbell, I would have eliminated Lindsey Pavao (I love her but her performance was the weakest). Blake eliminated Joris Unga, and I think I would have eliminated Erin Willett.

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