Monday, May 5, 2014

The Voice Season Six: The Top 8 Give Amazing Performances

Sisaundra Lewis sang River Deep Mountain High by Tina Turner-- Adam called her a potent performer and amazing. The performance was strong but after the first couple of choruses, it became repetitive. It should hold up though.

Josh Kaufman sang I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt-- Coaches, get up on your feet cause that deserved more than just a standing ovation from Usher. Shakira said you have good taste, your tone, your vocal arrangement was so intuitive. Adam said I am purely happy to see how far you have come. Blake said it was as perfect a performance I've seen in these seven seasons; it was really good. Usher felt like it was amazing, and he had the confidence of a real artist. Usher said he is happy and proud to be his coach and felt like it was one of his best performances. I agree. Josh blows me away every time with that falsetto.

Kat Perkins sang Get Lucky by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell-- I believe Kat has a great rock voice but I did not like the arrangement of the this song. Wow, well Adam seemed pretty pumped about it, despite the fact that I wasn't. Shakira said you're true to yourself and it was great. Adam said bottom three my ass, you did a heavy metal version of a funk song.

Kristen Merlin sang I Drive Your Truck by Lee Brice-- Blake said you've made a believer out of me, you've improved every week, and Adam loves you so much he copied your hairstyle. Shakira thought the performance was beautiful and transcendent and was aware how much the song meant to her. I enjoyed this performance, and I agree that I continue to believe Kristen improves each week.

Delvin Choice sang I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly-- This performance was breathtakingly beautiful. Delvin's vocals transcended what I felt the song was and took it to a whole other level. It literally brought tears to my eyes. Blake thought it was powerful and a perfect song choice for him and wondered what Adam is doing. Usher said every week you show up and give a powerful performance. Adam said there was no other song you could have done tonight.

Audra McLaughlin sang Forgive by Rebecca Lynn Howard-- Woah! She upped the ante big time this week. She might hang around for another week. Her upper register was so powerful. Blake gave her a standing ovation and said that the way she approached the song made people really believe what she was singing about. Blake said that he got caught up in the song as well.

Jake Worthington sang Hillbilly Deluxe by Brooks & Dunn-- Blake loved it and was standing up and smiling. I loved that performance from Jake, the song was awesome, I loved his attitude, style, and swagger. Shakira said you applied the right attitude, well done. Adam said you're so cool and casual, you're so much cooler than Blake. You are so authentic, you exude country music. Blake said I think tonight you introduced America to Jake the artist.

Christina Grimmie sang How to Love by Lil Wayne-- Christina's performance was angelic. I don't know how to describe what she did, but it was surreal. Listening to the actual words of that song and how Christina sang them was overwhelming. I was overcome with emotions just listening to her and watching her on stage. Blake said you should soak this up because you look and sound like a superstar. Usher said that was definitely a great performance. Shakira said that was something huge, your voice is insane. Your high voice is out of this world. Adam said thank you Christina for trusting me; I don't think anyone has ever heard a Lil Wayne song sound like that.

Your guess is as good as mine on who is going home tomorrow. I cannot even choose.

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