Wednesday, May 14, 2014

American Idol Season 13: The Recap, We're Down to 4

Sorry this comes so late, but on the heels of some amazing performances last week, Idol said goodbye to Jessica Meuse who made it much further than I ever thought she would.

Last week's performances consisted of three solo performances for each remaining contestant with the theme being Break Ups, Make Ups, and Dedications.

I will list each contestant, their songs choices, a score of 1-5 and any comments I may have.

**Caleb Johnson**
**You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi-- Score:  3 out of 5, it was a little bit karaoke compared to some of his other performances
**Travelin Band by Creedence Clearwater Revival-- Score: 4 out of 5, better than the first song, J. Lo thinks he killed it!
**Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney-- Score: 5 out of 5, And then came round three. This was Caleb's best performance of the season, and perhaps one of the performances of the season. Keith and J. Lo gave him a standing ovation. He was absolutely phenomenal, the pitch, the vocal, the phrasing, everything was amazing.

**Jessica Meuse**
**Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson-- Score: 3 out of 5, she lacked the energy that Kelly Clarkson uses to sell this song. She needed to be jumping around more.
**So What by Pink!-- Score: Score: 3 out of 5, again, not the best choice for her but vocally she turned out a performance  better than what she usually does.
**You and I by Lady Gaga-- Score: 5 out of 5, best performance I have heard from Jess Meuse, amazing way for her to close out the night. This song was suited for her and, it just fit her voice like a glove. Loved Harry's comment, the girl from Slapout came out swinging with a song that was perfect for her and killed it.

**Alex Preston**
**Too Close by Alex Clare-- Score: 4 out of 5, not the best performance or song choice for Alex, but a good effort nonetheless. I would have liked to feel more dynamics in this performance.
**I'm Yours by Jason Mraz-- Score: 4 out  of 5, very close to the original, I felt like he could have done more with this performance especially since his style is very much like Jason Mraz
**Yellow by Coldplay-- Score: 5 out of 5, this was his best performance of the night. I know some called it sleepy, but I prefer to call it dreamy. Keith loved his poetic vulnerability, and Jenn said he is integral to the competition.

**Jena Irene**
**Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar-- Score: 4.5 out of 5, vocally sound, but lacked movement.
**Bad Romance by Lady Gaga-- Score: 3 out of 5, this was a sloppy performance from Jena in comparison to what we are used to from her. Harry commented on why she didn't hit the high notes, it seemed easy enough for someone as vocally strong as she is, but she didn't. She told Harry it sounded like yelling.
**Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley-- Score: 5 out of 5, this was the Jena performance that had me in tears. It was so beautiful, so intimate, so passionate. What made it so amazing was that she made this song contemporary yet all the passion was still there. Jenn was in tears and got up to hug Jena. harry congratulated her on her courage and said it was incredible. Keith thought it was spellbinding.

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