Wednesday, May 14, 2014

American Idol Season 13: Now it's Three

Randy's choice: 

Caleb Johnson sang Never Tear Us Apart by INXS-- Loved the style of the song, but his vocal was tentative. It's like he was afraid of cracking in spots. Jenn said you on your worst night are better than other people on their best night. 

Alex Preston sang Bastille by Pompeii-- Good song choice, liked the drums. However, I did think there were some pitch issues. Harry said it seemed like he was thinking at parts but said he should keep practicing and do the song on the road. 

Jena Irene sang Titanium by David Guetta and Sia-- This was another good song choice by Randy; however, she was screechy in points. It started off weird, even Jenn picked up on it. 

Judge's Choice:

Caleb Johnson sang Demons by Imagine Dragons-- Keith thought he killed it and liked the Steve Perry vibe in his voice. Jenn said when you voice is failing you like that, focus on the emotion, and she felt like he did. 

Alex Preston sang Stay by Rihanna feat. Mikkey Ekko-- Wow, genuinely impressed with his interpretation of that song. Jenn and Keith were on their feet. Jenn appeared to be getting the shivers as he was singing. I agree with Jenn, I didn't hear shreds of Rihanna or Mikkey in that song. Harry asked him what his concerts would be like, and he said fun. Keith liked the artistic license he took and he owned the song from start to finish. 

Jena Irene sang Heart Attack by Demi Lovato-- I was a little but underwhelmed by this performance. I expected her to go up and hit that note at the end. I wanted her to hit that huge high note, and she didn't, she just ended the song. It was kind of weird. 

Hometown Choice:

Caleb Johnson sang Dazed and Confused by Led Zepplin-- Keith and Jenn were on their feet throughout the performance. It was full of energy and I truly enjoyed the performance. Keith said it was a moment of miraculous healing. Jenn called it a true Idol moment, ridiculous. Harry said you took full advantage, absolutely fantastic. 

Alex Preston sang The Story of My Life by One Direction-- I feel like out of all the songs Alex sang, this one fits him well and he emotes.The only song I perhaps would have chosen more is his original song Fairy Tale. Harry thought it was a classic Alex performance, very strong, he doesn't know anyone who doesn't like that song. Keith thought after the amazing performance of Stay, it was a step down. 

Jena Irene sang Creep by Radiohead-- Harry thought it was better than the first time around. Keith said your progress is mindblowing and you do belong here. I agree! This was an awesome performance. I liked the word Keith used last week, spellbinding. 

The following Idols paid their respects on Episode 500! 

Carrie Underwood
Phillip Phillips
Kris Allen
David Cook
Lee Dewyze
Jordin Sparks

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