Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Voice Season Six: Down to the Final Five

As far as tomorrow, I am hearing there will be a bottom three and the save will still happen. So two contestants will immediately advance and one will be saved.

First up was Kristen Merlin singing Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert-- I think Kristen has a great voice but this was not the right song for her. It wasn't believable because as Blake mentioned she was smiling throughout the song and that's not the idea. She needed to be angry and have some attitude and this just lacked that.

Josh Kaufman sang All of Me by John Legend-- This was a perfect choice because it fit Josh's style so well. The really low notes were right on and the falsetto was beautiful. He must be in the top three. Adam says he is getting his weekly serving of humble pie yet again.

Kat Perkins sang Chandelier by Sia-- I love Sia as an artist but I found this performance was all over the place in terms of pitch. It sounded like she was trying to hit the right notes but didn't. Notice that none of the coaches came out and said that they liked it.

Jake Worthington sang Good Ole Boys by Waylon Jennings-- I loved this performance, I think it was actually Jake's best yet. It was fun and Blake is on his feet; this is a proud moment.

Christina Grimmie sang Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap-- Not my fave Christina Grimmie performance. I felt the same way Usher did, disconnected. I hope this performance isn't her downfall.

After round 1, I think Josh, Jake, and Christina should advance.

Now for round 2--

Josh Kaufman sang Love Runs Out by OneRepublic-- Was it the perfect song for him to sing? Probably not. Can he sell just about anything with a voice like that? Absolutely.

Kat Perkins sang Let it Go from the movie Frozen-- I thought this was preposterous when I heard she was singing Let it Go but it was a pretty solid performance. I'm not the biggest Kat fan but she was on point throughout this performance.

Kristen Merlin sang Foolish Games by Jewel-- I wish Kristen had done two songs like this because the first did not fit her well enough. This performance was a revelation to me because for the first time I saw Kristen the storyteller. It's that same person that Shakira has been talking about.

Christina Grimmie sang Some Night by f.u.n.-- Huge Christina Grimmie fan but this was a bit of a mess. The song wasn't to her style, and she struggled to connect with the song. You could tell that she was really making an effort but it was a bit too labored.

Jake Worthington sang Heaven by Byran Adams-- Quite honestly, the best performance of the night and a personal best for Jake. I loved this and I could tell he was connected to the song. Blake says he is so proud of Jake and would share the stage with him for the rest of his life. He also brings up the fact that Jake was having some throat problems and pushed through it and didn't mention it or use it as an excuse.

I was right about the top three. Tune in to the finale when Jake, Josh, and Christina square off!

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