Monday, March 12, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16: My Final Thoughts

It seemed inevitable that Ben Flajnik would propose to Courtney. I felt this during many times during the course of the season-- the first time he met her, the way she interacted with the other ladies, when they skinny dipped in Puerto Rico.

The "after the final rose" really annoyed me from the first exchange between Chris and Ben. Ben comes out smiling and acting like everything is just great; act realistic and act according to how things true are. He reveals that he is still in love with Courtney which is surprising because the speculation is that they're broken up. Ben reveals that they broke up for a time when the show was airing because he says things got too tough for them to be together.

Chris addresses the rumors that say Ben has cheated on Courtney, and Ben denies that he ever cheated on Courtney. He says he never has and the photos in the tabloids are photos of him with friends and some are old photos. The audience seems shocked and seems to believe Ben has indeed cheated. I think both of them are so odd that maybe they're a match made in heaven. Chris suggested something quite similar; he must know something after doing the show all these years.

Courtney comes out to a little bit of applause and some boos from the crowd. She feels responsible for the negativity that came from her actions on the show. A lot of the fallout from their relationship took place when the show started to air, Courtney recalls not receiving anything from Ben for Valentine's Day. She says she felt completely abandoned by Ben and as result she has lost trust and feels disappointed in the experience. She says she tried to reach out to Ben and he never got back to her. I actually feel bad for her because Ben mislead her, and he acted like her cheerleader every time we saw him on the show but yet he abandoned her when things started to get rough. If he truly loved her, I feel like he would have stood beside her. Courtney says this is the hardest thing she has been through; I feel like maybe her trying to play out her relationship on television was too hard for her. She is even unsure of the status of their relationship now, which is pretty sad to me, whether you like Courtney or not.

Chris then brings Courtney and Ben together in the third segment and discusses the fact that they both have trust issues. To me, that's not how you want to begin a relationship; Ben, of course, tries to pretend that everything is perfect and that their relationship is great. Wow, he is in denial, big time! Courtney says he should have stood by her and she can't trust him completely again. Ben is adamant that this relationship is going to work but America is basically shaking their heads. Ben apologizes to Courtney in front of everyone saying he should have stuck by her, he should have been there the entire way rather than needing time apart.

Chris plays back the proposal for them to watch; Courtney is clearly emotional, and Ben is a bit emotional too. He says his feelings for her never went away, it's just that everything has been so clouded by all the negativity. Chris had been carrying the ring in his pocket all day, and asks Ben if he can give it back to her, and Ben says he would like her to have it, and that this will end in a wedding after he puts the ring back on her finger. I feel like this is one of the first times Ben has "manned up" all season.

The highlight of this show for me is when Chris brought out Ashley and J.P. who have clearly become a Bachelor super couple along with Trista & Ryan and Molly & Jason. This couple has such amazingly positive energy, and reveals that they are hoping to get married within a year since Ashley has now graduated and has her residency. These are two people who are clearly in love with one another.

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