Thursday, March 1, 2012

American Idol Season 11 The Semifinals: The Top 12 Ladies

After watching the ladies last night, I admit that for the first time in a long time, I can say the women are stronger overall than the men.

01 Chelsea Sorrell sang Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood-- Chelsea is one of several female country singers this season and to me, she is probably the weakest. Randy commented on her strong vocals but Jennifer said she felt people didn't get to hear the best of her. Steven urged her to watch her phrasing and timing. Score: 4

02 Erika Van Pelt sang What About Love by Heart-- Steven loved her confidence and the way she hit the high notes. Jennifer said, you're amazing, but claimed that Erika could have pushed a little bit more. Randy came up with the idea of Erika being a singing DJ. I like how Erika owned the performance, she didn't back down at all once she committed to it which was almost immediately. Score: 4.5

03 Jen Hirsh sang One and Only by Adele-- No lie that I loved Jen from her first audition and she was one person I wanted to get all the way through from Hollywood and into The Top Ten, but this was a bit of a letdown for me. Elise Testone closed the show with this same song, and she out-sang Jen. All the judges agreed that Jen is one of the best singers in this competition. Score: 4.25

04 Brielle Von Hugel sang Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding-- Jennifer called Brielle a true performer and proclaimed "amazing"; the other two judges felt similarly. I wasn't sold by a long shot; this was easily the most self indulgent performance of the night. If I may echo Simon from seasons past, how is this song relevant to her life right now? Also, the song started in a key that was much to low for her voice, even if it did eventually get to her sweet spot, it shouldn't have started that uncomfortably. Score: 3

05 Hallie Day sang Feelin' Good by Nina Simone-- Jennifer said, there were some really beautiful moments within that performance. Steven likes her old fashioned voice. Randy asked her what kind of singer she would like to be, and she said she wants to sing everything with "soul". I completely see that, love her sultry voice. Score: 4.75

06 Sklar Laine sang Stay With Me by Faces-- Randy said he loves that song, and commented that they've never had a country rocker on the show before. Jennifer said she had a great performance, and Steven said you were on fire, you were a pistol. Personally, this was one of my favorite performances from both nights. Score: 5

07 Baylie Brown sang Amazed by Lonestar-- Steven and Jen questioned their song choice. Randy said you didn't seize control of the song, good, not great. I agree with Randy, sadly. I love Baylie, but this wasn't good. Score: 4.25

08 Holly Cavanagh sang Reflection by Christina Aguilera-- Steven said it was just beautiful, and Jennifer called her a front runner saying her voice is so strong. The judges all called her once of their favorites. Holly is a little powerhouse but I will be forever wondering where her accent is from. Score: 5

09 Haley Johnson sang Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics-- I wanted to love that cause I love that song, but that was a mess. Jennifer said it wasn't the best song for her to choose because it's so well known. Randy thought it was a nightmare, and pitchy all over the place. Score: 3

10 Shannon Magrane sang Go Light Your World-- Randy said this girl is hot! Jennifer said she has such passion for a 16 year old. Steven said it started "gospely" and you took it up a notch from there. She has real poise for someone this young, I am officially, wowed. Score: 5

11 Jessica Sanchez sang Love You I Do by Jennifer Hudson-- Randy said she has such swagger, Jennifer said, you're so beyond your years, and Steven said you're timing and pitch is perfect. This was another amazing performance, for me, Jessica is a voice to be reckoned with if she carries on like this. Score: 5

12 Elise Testone sang One and Only by Adele-- I thought this was better than Jen's version and all the judges labeled her as one to watch, and I happen to feel the same; score! Score: 5

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