Wednesday, March 7, 2012

American Idol Season 11: The Top 13 Impress with Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston Songs

The theme for tonight's show has the gents tackling Stevie Wonder and the ladies honoring the late great Whitney Houston. Mary J. Blige mentored the contestants this week.

01 Joshua Ledet sang I Wish-- Randy said if you feel the beat, you can do anything. Jennifer said she felt the music and the performance. Steven said you listened to Mary J. and you nailed it, nice going! I love the sound of an artist like Joshua, he allows you to feel what he is singing. He believes it, so you believe it also, and not only that, but he takes me to church every time. I loved him singing this upbeat Stevie song and proving his versatility.
Score: 4.75

02 Elise Testone sang I'm Your Baby Tonight-- Jen said it wasn't your best, there were timing issues, you were a little unsure of yourself. Steven said you have to find the character of the song. Randy said it felt like you were boxing with the song; that just wasn't good. I didn't like it either, and I think Randy did the best job of describing how I felt. It sounded awkward, there was no style to the song, and it sounded flat stylistically. I don't like saying this either because Elise is one of my favorite ladies in the competition.
Score: 3

03 Jermaine Jones sang Knocks Me Off My Feet-- Steven said, that song fit you like an Armani suit; I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Jen said, I want you to connect more with the song and relax. Randy said, I loved the verses, but didn't love the chorus; the sound of your voice is different enough, and I'm glad we brought you back. I am equally happy Jermaine was brought back, and to all the critics who don't like him or think he could enjoy success, I have two words for you: Barry White! The big guy is gonna be around for a while, every one settle down.
Score: 4.5

04 Erika Van Pelt sang I Believe in You and Me-- Randy said you have an amazing voice and unbelievable tone; you can sing anything. Jennifer praised the way Erika interprets songs combined with the tone and fullness of her voice. Steven said the place reacted exactly how it should have when you hit the chorus, it was great. I felt it was a little shaky initially but once she got into the song it was awesome. I especially loved once she got towards the end of the song, the way she built that song up was genius.
Score: 4.75

05 Colton Dixon sang Lately-- Steven said that was outstanding, Jen said you showed your rock style with that song which is why it was so great. Randy said there were parts of it that were shaky (the soft parts) but when you hit the power points, you were flawless. It was like Steven Tyler singing I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, you turned it into a rock ballad. I loved this! It was the best of the night so far, stylistically, very much who Colton Dixon is. It reminded me a little bit of David Cook.
Score: 5

06 Shannon Magrane sang I Have Nothing-- Jen said, sweet girl, the thinking got the best of you, you needed to relax into it. I appreciated Shannon's effort, but this song was much too big for her, and her nerves completely got the best of her. Steven said, your nerves got the best of you. Randy said, it wasn't good tonight, it sounded like there was a mistake somewhere up front or with the band.
Score: 3

07 Deandre Brackensick sang Master Blaster-- Steven commented on his unique style; Jen liked it a lot and talked about his swagger on the stage. Randy said you have the perfect rhythm and we didn't want it to stop; job well done. A lot of people talked about how Deandre didn't deserve to be there, and I say to them, listen to him tonight, and tell me he doesn't deserve to be there. I am confident they can't.
Score: 4.75

08 Skylar Laine sang Where Do Broken Hearts Go-- Jen called Skylar the definition of composure and said she gave them the moment of the night. Steven called her performance a thing of beauty and said the way she climbed the song was beautiful. Randy felt it was questionable at the beginning, but she got better as she got into the song and into her comfort zone. Skylar was the biggest surprise for me, she impressed me like no one else. I didn't expect her to step up as much as she did.
Score: 5

09 Heejun Han sang All in Love is Fair-- Jen said I love your voice, I loved it from the first time I saw you, and I love it now. Steven said I love your voice, fantastic, something real special about it. Randy said it wasn't perfect, but it was real good. I agree with the judges, there is something so captivating about Heejun's voice when he is on target. I loved it also, he's safe.
Score: 4.9

10 Hollie Cavanagh sang All the Man that I Need-- Randy said she nailed it, and all the judges echoed his sentiment. I'm a little confused because that did not blow me away by any means. I didn't like how she changed the song so much. I didn't like her runs because to me, that didn't have enough power behind them. I was waiting for her to deliver cause I hear Whitney sing that song, and it touches me so much every time.
Score: 4

11 Jeremy Rosado sang Ribbon in the Sky-- Steven said beautiful song, good song choice, and nice passion. Jen said I love to hear the way you interpret songs and that was beautiful. Randy said it wasn't his best performance and that the song needed more swagger. I kind of agree with Randy, but I also agree with Steven and Jen. The song could have used more swag, but the way Jeremy interpreted that song was so gentle and beautiful and I felt his passion. He does interpret songs in such a beautiful way; it's very sincere. I hope America keeps him in because he does have definite talent.
Score: 4.75

12 Jessica Sanchez sang I Will Always Love You-- The judges gave her a standing ovation. Randy called her legit, called the performance the performance of the night, and said she is one of the most talented singers in the country. Jen called it amazing and said she was speechless. Steven said you may be the one, you just made 40 million people cry. I loved everything about this performance, Jessica Sanchez adds soul to every performance and it enriches the performance. I loved the three notes she hit at the end. I loved when she sang, "but above all this, I wish you love," she spaced it out, her phrasing was impeccable. Can I give more than a 5?
Score: 5+

13 Phillip Phillips sang Superstition-- Steven said you just "are". Jen said you interpreted the song, made it your own, and you killed it. Randy said I think we need you in this competition, I love the indie spirit you bring; you drive your own car in your own lane, and I love it. Phillip is such an original, and I completely get what Steven meant when he said, you just are. I look so forward to every time I get to see him perform something new.
Score: 5

I wanted to say how proud I was of Steven Tyler tonight; he was the only judge who answered Ryan's question at the end of the show, and knew what he was talking about. He said he felt Shannon and Elise were in trouble and Jessica was a standout. I think Jen was wrong when she said the girls were stronger, I actually felt the guys were much stronger. Two girls had the night's weakest performances, and that was Shannon and Elise. So tomorrow, I think one of them is going home and unfortunately, it would be rightfully so.

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