Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16: Is Bachelor Ben's Season a Bust?

I think most of us are guilty of it. We watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, and we find ourselves feeling angry, disgusted, outraged, etc., and then we make a vow to not watch next season. The next season roles around, and there we are tuning in for yet another premiere. We watch intently as 25 bachelors or bachelorettes make their plea, and either endear themselves to the public or make a fool of themselves.

I watched Ashley Hebert's season of The Bachelorette, and not only did I agree with her choosing J.P., but he was one of my top choices from the start. The runner up was Ben Flajnik, the wavy-haired, wine maker from Sonoma who proposed to Ashley only to be sent packing. He was rumored to have a fling with Jennifer Love Hewitt, a rumor that she denies. It was no surprise when Ben was announced as Season 16's Bachelor.

This past Monday was the season premiere, and I watched, but overall, I was disappointed. I was disappointed that a good number of the ladies lacked intelligence and depth. Those who should have stepped up didn't, and some who did were overly aggressive, almost to the point of desperation. Ben didn't come across as sincere to me; he had superficial conversations with most of the ladies. He didn't look like he cared when handing out roses, his jokes were lame, and by the end of the night I was already thinking about watching Kacie B. as the Bachelorette this summer. Before you ask, no, I don't know that it's going to be her, I just want it to be her because I found her to be one of the most sincere women in the group.

Some of the girls made an impression on me for the right reasons and some of them did not.

Rachel was the first girl out of the limos, and she seemed pretty cool. I like her demeanor and she has that great all American girl look. Although, it seems like Ben prefers brunettes. Is this evidence of his deep love for himself?

I like Jenna, the blogger from NYC, she's that wannabe cool girl who isn't quite there yet. There's a part of me that feels for her because Monica is not very nice at all, at least she isn't being portrayed that way. Monica is very argumentative, and it's almost like she takes joy in making other women feel bad. She must be pretty insecure about herself, and she must yearn for female companionship which explains why she seems to be in love with Blakely. Blakely is a pretty girl but she's no stunner, and she in fact comes across as a little trashy. She's a bartender and ex Hooters girl.

Courtney (a.k.a. "I'm a model"), is really into herself, she is one of the most ego centric women I have ever seen come through The Bachelor/ Bachelorette series. I found it really obnoxious how she kept touching her hair and twirling it around her fingers, it's as if she was fishing for a compliment. When you think Courtney, think Vienna from Jake's season, except this girl is much worse, and she is lucky is she doesn't alienate herself from all the other women living in the house.

Emily is smart, witty, funny, and pretty. She's the total package; she's the type of woman any man could bring home to his parents and they would be happy. I loved everything from her introduction to when she wrote a rap song which she rapped to Ben.

Jamie has a strong spirit, I can tell. This girl is rumored to have been to hell and back, raising her siblings and growing up with no parents.

Bringing her grandmother along as a way to show how important family is to her was a great move on Brittney's part but she will need to step up her game if she wants to be in it for the long haul. She lacks that aggression that Ben looks for.

There's something about Nicki that was really sweet and genuine, I think she is going to go pretty far on the show.

Ben not picking Dianna as one of his 18 was the biggest surprise of the night to me, this girl was stunning and poised.

Anna Snowball (yes that really is her last name) made a dumb move walking out of the limo and past Ben into the house without saying a word. Guess what? She went home.

Shawn showed her athletic side playing some soccer outside with Ben during the cocktail party. I just love her fun personality.

Kacie B. from Tennessee is my favorite of the whole bunch, this woman is a h turner and her beauty is on the inside and the outside. She is just so genuine, and my definite pick for The Bachelorette. Ben is too pig headed to pick someone as good as her.

Finally, Lindzi C. made the most original entrance of the night riding in on horse back and looking gorgeous doing it. How beautiful was her dress! Ben giving her the first impression rose was one of the only intelligent things he did all night.

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