Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16: Did Ben Leave His Heart in San Francisco?

The episode begins with Ben having lunch with his sister in San Francisco as he tells her about some of the ladies. Ben thinks his sister and mom would like Lindzi, Kacie B., Courtney, Emily, and Jennifer; he calls Courtney "drama free" which could not be further from the truth, but Ben doesn't see how she is around the other ladies.

Ben's first one on one date this week went to Emily; this challenge was to climb the San Francisco Bay Bridge. This was a real challenge because Emily is terrified of heights and Ben doesn't like heights very much either. At the halfway point up the bridge, Emily isn't sure she can continue; Ben decides that the only way to offer some comfort to her in order to give her confidence to carry on is to plant a kiss on her. Ben, seriously, kissing is not the solution for everything.

They finally make it to the top, and Emily says the view from the top of the bridge is magical. Night falls, and they eat dinner with a view overlooking the bridge. Their conversation leads them to discover that they have a lot in common and come from similar beginnings; both have older parents who married later in life. He gives Emily a rose and follows it up with a fireworks display.

The group date featuring Blakeley, Jaclyn, Kacie B., Erica, Samantha, Monica, Rachel, Nicki, Casey S., Elyse, and Jamie, has the girls skiing in bikinis. Kacie B. falls a lot, but doesn't seem to be bothered by it, she continues to have fun.

Later that night, Rachel kind of forces herself on Ben, it seems like every week one of the ladies decides to do this. So of course, since Rachel kisses Ben, Ben later gives her the group date rose, much to the surprise of Kacie B. who thought her one on one time with Ben made her the worthy recipient.

Earlier that night, Kacie B. pulled Ben aside for some alone time and told him that she felt like she was losing her place. She says it's hard on her seeing him with all these other girls. Ben says Kacie is gonna be trouble, good trouble! They kiss several times, and even I think she has secured the group date rose.

Blakeley has a pity party, telling Ben that all the girls hate her and are spiteful and jealous.

Meanwhile back at the hotel, Brittney has decided that she doesn't deserve to go on the one on one date with Ben and decides to send herself home. She shows up at the end of the group date to speak with Ben and officially bow out.

Lindzi ends up getting the last one on one date in San Fran, and Ben makes this one worth the wait. He and Lindzi tour the city and go for ice cream at a famous spot. Ben then takes her to City Hall which is closed but amazingly he has the key. They talk inside only to be serenaded by Matt Nathanson, the two dance the night away and they kiss, but it is more natural. Some critics of the show have said that things seem forced between them, I don't agree. They leave City Hall and go to one of Ben's favorite speakeasies.

Lindzi talks to Ben about the one serious relationship she has been in and she says she was head over heels for the guy and he dumped her randomly via a text which read: "Babe, welcome to dumpsville, population: you". I don't even know this guy, and I want to beat him up. Ben gives Lindzi a rose and calls her the complete woman, she knows what she wants, she knows who she is, she's independent, interesting, beautiful, and easy to talk to. The night commences with Ben playing the piano for Lindzi and more dancing.

At the cocktail party, things are about to reach a whole new level of crazy when undertaker Shawntel from Brad's season shows up to see if she and Ben have a chance. But before Shawntel can arrive, the other girls do just fine at making things crazy all on their own.

Weird scene of the night: Ben telling Jennifer she is the best kisser in the house. So how many girls have you kissed exactly Benjamin?

Rude Courtney Comment #1: Courtney calls the other ladies immature and juvenile. She says, "let's trim the fat and get rid of girls". Oh but Courtney, it wasn't immature and juvenile of you to say to Ben, "you like me?" and "we could make cute babies".

Shawntel pleads her case, but at the end of the night, she is sent home.

Erica has a fainting spell and is also sent home, and Jaclyn falls apart after calling Shawntel "Brad's dumpster trash", and is also sent packing. In the words of Trista Sutter, wow Jaclyn your mother must be incredibly proud. So instead of two ladies going home, ultimately four ending up going home.

The girls who took the high road in my opinion tonight and are best for Ben are Kacie B., Jennifer, and Lindzi.

Now it's on to Park City, Utah.

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