Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16: Battle Park City

Ben and the ladies travel to Park City, Utah for two one on one dates and a group date. The first one on one went to Rachel Truehart, and the date began with them taking off on a helicopter ride, they then canoed to a waiting picnic lunch. The date basically revolves around Ben wondering if there is more to Rachel than physical attraction; he says that the conversation with her does not come as easily. He doesn't have that conversation issue with some of the other girls. After lots of contemplation, Ben decides that it's okay if his relationship with Rachel moves slowly as long as he finds love in the end, so he gives her a rose.

This week's crazy over the top group date has the girls going horseback riding and fly fishing with Ben. Courtney continues to get on my nerves trying to turn the group date into a one on one date for her and Ben. Unfortunately, things look up for her when she catches the only fish much to Lindzi's surprise since she is so athletic. I can't even begin to tell everyone how many rude moments Courtney has on this date, she calls Kacie B. annoying, she calls the other ladies a bump on a log.

Later that night, Nicki gets some one on one time with Ben where she thanks him for bringing her on every group date so far, and that she has learned to live each day like it is her last. Ben is impressed and grateful for Nicki's response thus far.

Following his conversation with Nicki, Samantha sits to talk with Ben and complains that she has only been on group dates and she wants to know when she is getting a one on one date. She is pretty emotional about it overall. Ben accuses Samantha of not taking the process seriously and preaches about how he does. Just a question Ben, if Samantha is emotional and wants to be able to spend time with you to get to know you, how is she not taking things seriously? This is what I mean Ben when I say that you are drippy and vapid, maybe Samantha isn't right for you because she's too sincere. So after Ben says this to Samantha, he tells her that he thinks she should leave now, in the middle of the group date, so she does.

Samantha's departure creates quite a stir in the house and brings a barrage of rude comments from Courtney. She says, another one bites the dust.

Ben then spends some one on one time with Kacie B. reassuring her of their already established closeness. At this point, Kacie thinks that the group date rose is hers and she has nothing to worry about. Courtney then weasels her way into more one on one time with Ben where she expressed how "hard" this journey has been for her and how she is having such a "hard time" and needs "reassurance". Wow, Ben falls for this hook, line, and sinker, and gives Courtney the rose. He comments that he didn't think he was going to give this rose to Courtney, but he does.

Jennifer receives the final one on one date in Park City where she and Ben repel in a crater? Say what? Ben says he likes activities and challenges like this because they build trust in a relationship. Ben and Jennifer have a good time talking at dinner and Ben decides to give her a rose followed by a concert by country singer Clay Walker. Ben says he likes Jen because she brings out the good in him.

The cocktail party is pretty heated as things come to a head with Courtney and Emily. Emily decides that during her one on one time with Ben to tell him that there are some girls in the house who don't have the best of intentions. She says that these girls are different around him then they are when he isn't around. Emily tells Casey S. of her conversation which she then leaks to Courtney because she's secretly in love with her. Courtney calls Emily an idiot, says she wants to assault her, calls her nasty, and says that she should watch herself. Emily breaks down because she genuinely doesn't like the drama but doesn't believe that Courtney is there for the right reasons, which in this case, is Ben.

Kacie B.
Casey S.

Monica is eliminated and Samantha was already sent home.

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