Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16: The Claw Are Out, The Gloves Are Off

Last night on The Bachelor, I discovered that a good percentage of these women are emotionally damaged or crazy. Overall, I was once again displeased with Ben's choices, and the results; although, he did show that he does have a heart changing my opinion of him as a man overall. He does care, he just doesn't show it all the time, and he is completely confused about what he wants in a woman. How can the same man like Kacie B. and Blakeley, and Courtney? Ben, buddy, pull it together, I know you aren't this oblivious.

Ben chose the sweet Kacie B. for his first date in Sonoma; they tour Sonoma and have dinner together and Kacie B. does receive a rose. They then go to this big empty theater where they watch videos of themselves from their childhood. Ben hears his dad's voice for the first time in five years. He believes his dad would really like Kacie B. Kacie is really touched and says Ben's reaction to the video proved how genuine he is as a man. They share several kisses inside and outside of the theater.

Rude Courtney Comment #1: Courtney calls Kacie B. annoying because she gets the first date with Ben. Courtney, I think you were actually talking about yourself, not Kacie B.

Group Date: "Come play with me"--- 12 of the women, Nicki, Blakeley, Jenna, Monica, Jennifer, Jaclyn, Shawn, Samantha, Brittney, Rachel, Emily, and Jamie perform with Ben in a play written by some middle school kids in Sonoma. Blakeley's jugs are hanging out everywhere as she auditions in front of these kids. Her low cut romper was not the best thing for her to wear in front of some young kids. Ben kisses Jennifer in the pool at the wrap party. Blakeley throws herself at Ben in the pool and kisses him. Jennifer clearly did the best job out of all the girls and yet at the end of the night, Blakeley ended up getting the group date rose.

Rude Courtney Comment #2: Courtney says Lindzi didn't get the first impression rose, her horse did. Wow, Courtney, you're so cool, you get off making fun of other people. You must not feel so secure about yourself.

The girls back at the house are all suspicious of Courtney's behavior already. Kacie B. says she can already see that Courtney is not a good person.

Rude Courtney Comment #3: Courtney saying "winning, winning" (a la Charlie Sheen) because she gets the second date with Ben. Courtney, it was only kinda okay when Charlie Sheen coined this phrase, but it is completely not okay for you to use it.

Ben and Courtney go on a picnic in the woods with Ben's adorable dog. Ben calls Courtney the whole package, smart, witty, drop dead gorgeous, too good to be true. Ben you're one for four. Listen to your instincts, when someone is too good to be true, they usually are. She would be attractive, but her personality makes her full out ugly. The way she acts around Ben is completely different from the way she acts around the girls. My stand on this is that there is nothing wrong with any one of the women saying, I am here for Ben. However, I think it's a completely different issue when any woman in the house has to knock other women or be nasty and insult others. If you're there for Ben, you shouldn't have time to talk smack about the competition.

Rude Courtney Comment #4: Courtney saying at the cocktail party, "I'm just gonna sit back and let the other girls shoot themselves in the foot". Courtney, I wish you would shoot yourself in the foot, literally.

The cocktail party was full of drama. Blakeley kept stealing Ben when she already had a rose. The other girls got upset and started talking about her. Blakeley's feelings were hurt by all the comments and she went off to the luggage room to cry and cower in a corner behind some suitcases. Jenna took to one of the beds to cry about how she just wasn't feeling sharing a house with all these women and competing for Ben's attention.

At the end of the night Shawn and Jenna were sent packing.

The Top 16:
Kacie B.
Casey S.

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