Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Favorite Fall 2011 Celebrity Clothing Line

Favorite Fall 2011 Celebrity Clothing Collection

Maxi dress
$60 -

Embellished top
$41 -

Bootcut jeans
$54 -

Thigh boots
$90 -

Drop earrings
$17 -

A lot of celebrities have clothing lines from Hilary Duff to Gwen Stefani to Jessica Simpson to Justin Timberlake. I decided though, at the end of the day that Jennifer Lopez has turned into a multi-talented mogul. What can't this woman do, she is smart, sexy, she sings, dances, acts, and she's one of the major reasons American Idol was so good last year. Lopez has also had a unique and flawless sense of style that has consistently made her one of the best dressed celebrity women in the business.

This fall she has unveiled her clothing line for Kohl's, her ex-husband Marc Anthony is also sporting his own Men's Clothing Line doe Kohl's. What I love about Lopez's line is that she has truly captured herself in each piece, and the clothing and accessories is all affordable, you won't break the bank, but you'll look good. Now, I want to say that normally I am not a Kohl's person at all, I think I have been into a Kohn's maybe two times in my existence. I decided in the set above that I wanted to show several styles and outfits. I particularly love the outfit that Jennifer is wearing. You can find the full line at Kohl's online

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