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Fall TV Schedule for 2011

Part 3 in a series of 4


8pm time slot--

Winners: The Biggest Loser on NBC continues to gain fans, 90210 on The CW sends the gang to college this year, Glee on FOX has some more songs to sing this season, and NCIS on CBS continues to be a ratings winner.

Undecided: Last Man Standing on ABC; Tim Allen had a major hit with Home Improvement, is it possible for him to be that successful again? Time and ratings will tell, but I don't know if I am willing to take the chance initially.
Premieres: Oct. 11th

Losers: Man Up! on ABC; love Teri Polo and love Henry Simmons but this comedy is anemic at best. I will be surprised if it lasts an entire season.
Premieres: Oct. 18th

The Biggest Loser serves up a new season with Alison Sweeney returning as host and Bob Harper as a trainer. This season also adds two new trainers in the eye catching Anna Kournikova and trainer to the stars Dolvett Quince. The Biggest Loser never lacks inspiration which also means it won't lack viewers.
Premieres: Sept. 20th

90210 left off with Annie inheriting a fortune but losing Liam to his adventure on the sea, Ivy and Raj got married as his health worsened, Naomi found out she was pregnant and told an MIT bound Max, and Adrianna was left out from the group completely after she did what to her supposed bestie, Silver.
Some spoilers for Season 4: Annie becomes a professional escort! Naomi quickly discovers that if she wants the same status she had in high school she'll need to step it up because in college she's a nobody. Liam returns from his adventure and wants to commit to Annie. Liam will also own his own bar. Navid and Silver will live together when his family decides to move to Switzerland. Dixon forgoes school and takes a chance in the music business. Adrianna will be doing everything she can to make up for what she did, but she finds it's not all that easy.
Kellie Pickler and Brandy Norwood will guest star this season.
Premieres: Sept. 13th

Glee returns, and so does Rachel's mom played by Idina Menzel (word is she'll be around for at least eight episodes). Ryan Murphy has already said that several of the "Gleesters" will graduate this year including Finn, Rachel, Kurt, and Santana. Will this be their last year on the show? I sure hope not; I'd rather be slushied.
Premieres: Sept. 20th

In true NCIS fashion, it's always full of action and drama, here's a recap of season eight:

Jamie Lee Curtis will guest start in two episodes and Scott Wolf will come on board as a recurring character for season nine. NCIS will also celebrate its 200th episode in early 2012. Look for Breena and Palmer to have a spring wedding, and Tony's father and Gibbs' father will come back. A two part November sweeps celebration will take Gibbs overseas.
Premieres: Sept. 20th

9pm time slot--

Winners: Ringer on The CW, Sarah Michelle Gellar is back everyone!

Losers: Zooey Deschanel tries her luck as the New Girl on FOX, but there's not much that is new about this comedy. It's totally been there done that, a newly single young woman moves in with three single guys. For some reason, doesn't it sound like something you've heard before?
Premieres: Sept. 20th

There are a lot of issues I am willing to overlook with newcomer Ringer given the star. Sarah Michelle Gellar began as Erica Kane's daughter on All My Children and shot to stsrdom in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This season she is back as a complicated woman woman named Bridget, who after witnessing a murder goes on the run. She run to her estranged twin sister in New York City named Siobhan. Her life, in comparison to Bridget's seem so together, but things are not always as they seem.
Premieres: Sept. 13th

10pm time slot

Winners: Unforgettable on CBS hopes that people have not forgotten Poppy Montgomery (Without A Trace) and critical darling Parenthood on NBC returns for its third season.

I am always excited when a new crime/ mystery drama comes along, Unforgettable stars a now red headed Poppy Montgomery as Carrie Wells, a woman blessed and cursed with being able to remember event moment in her life, except for her sister's murder.
Premieres: Sept. 20th

I kept my fingers crossed that Parenthood would return and grace us with a third season, and it will. At the end of last season, Amber almost died after getting in a car accident due to her careless behavior after news that she did not get into the college she wanted to go to, Crosby sold his boat and bought a house in the hopes of getting Jasmine back, Haddie and Alex took things in their relationship to the next level on prom night, Kristina surprised a jobless Adam with news that she was pregnant, and Sarah became a playwright. With all these loose ends to tie up, I can't wait for this season to start.
Premieres: Sept. 13th


8pm time slot

Winners: Two reality shows square off to see who will be the sole survivor with the x-factor; that's right Survivor on CBS and The X-Factor on Fox. I also want to throw in a comedy on NBC, the previews make me laugh, Up All Night.

Loser: with two top notch reality shows, one that is not very good isn't going to survive, the season, sorry H8r, airing on The CW.

Survivor: South Pacific continues last season's idea of Redemption Island and Hidden Immunity Idols. Here are 16 of the 18 contestants competing for one million dollars!

Two former Survivor's Ozzy and Coach return to see if this time, they can be the sole survivor. I love how the video below details who they are as players.

Videos Courtesy of and Survivor
Premieres: Sept. 14th

The X-Factor on Fox is a new reality show brought to us by none other than Simon Cowell of American Idol fame. Simon has brought along three judges to sit on his panel including Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid, and Nicole Scherzinger. The winner of the competition receives a $5 million recording contract with Sony Records. So a lot of people are wondering, why is Simon doing this show? He had success with American Idol. What makes The X-Factor different than American Idol or any other reality show out there for that matter? Well I think Simon did a great job answering all those questions in this short video. I cannot wait to see who wins this competition and who has The X Factor.

Premieres: Sept. 21st

Up All Night on NBC has an all star comedy cast: Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph, and Nick Cannon. Applegate plays Reagan, a career woman, wife, and new mom. The shows details her life with her stay at home husband (Arnett) and trying to get back into the swing of the things with her boss (Rudolph) at work. With all the misses (Jesse and Samantha Who?, both of which survived only two seasons), Christina is definitely due for a hit and with this show having a witty cast, a sharp writing team and production crew behind it, they just might pull it off.
Premieres: Sept. 14th

9pm time slot

Winners: An all star edition of America's Next Top Model and veteran Criminal Minds brings back some familiar faces.

Cycle seventeen of America's Next Top Model brings back models from previous cycle's of the show, Tyra went through tons of photos and brought back fan favorites for another shot at being on top.

The lovely ladies competing are:

Age: 27
Hometown: Franklin, Ohio
Current Location: Plainfield, Indiana
Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 18 (Cycle 1)
Premieres: Sept. 14th

Age: 29
Hometown: Tallahassee, Florida
Current Location: Los Angeles, California
Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 22 (Cycle 4)

Age: 30
Hometown: Hollywood, California
Current Location: Hollywood, California
Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 24 (Cycle 5)

Age: 33
Hometown: Bronx, New York
Current Location: New Rochelle, New York
Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 26 (Cycle 2)

Age: 26
Hometown: Harlem, New York
Current Location: Los Angeles, California
Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 19 (Cycle 5)

Age: 22
Hometown: Queens, New York
Current Location: New York City, New York
Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 18 (Cycle 9)

Age: 27
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Current Location: Columbus, Ohio
Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 23 (Cycle 10)

Age: 25
Hometown: Prince George's County, Maryland
Current Location: New York City, New York
Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 22 (Cycle 11)

Age: 24
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Current Location: Harlem, New York
Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 21 (Cycle 11)

Age: 23
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Current Location: Brooklyn, New York
Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 20 (Cycle 12)

Age: 22
Hometown: Stanford, Kentucky
Current Location: Los Angeles, California
Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 19 (Cycle 13)

Age: 25
Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Current Location: Queens, New York
Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 22 (Cycle 14)

Age: 20
Hometown: Rockford, Illinois
Current Location: Chicago, Illinois
Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 19 (Cycle 15)

Age: 22
Hometown: Newport Beach, California
Current Location: Culver City, California
Age you were the first time you were on ANTM: 21 (Cycle 16)

Premieres: Sept. 14th

Criminal Minds returns for a seventh season and so does Paget Brewster and A.J. Cook who departed for the majority of the sixth season. Rachel Nichols contract was not renewed for this season; the rest of the cast will return as expected, some with renegotiated contracts. Beyond securing the cast, I have no idea what they are up to this season with their story lines. It will be twisted and meaningful I'm sure.
Premieres: Sept. 21st

10pm time slot

Winners: The guilty pleasure newcomer Revenge on ABC and Law & Order: SVU on NBC sans Stabler played by the wonderful and I predict,missed, Christopher Meloni.

Losers: CSI on CBS, once the number one show on television the show has declined especially when William Peterson and Gary Dourdan left the cast. Laurence Fishburne only stayed for one season, erasing any momentum he may have built for the show. Marg Helgenberger has already stated that this will be her last season, and Ted Danson is coming on board. No offense, nothing against Teddy, but this just doesn't seem like the right role for him.
Premieres: Sept. 21st

I will be completely honest with all my readers and admit that out of all the new drama and comedy series coming to television this year, the one I refuse to miss is Revenge. Emily Van Camp was intelligently cast in the lead role as Emily Thorne who is out for revenge against those who wronged her childhood and her family. ABC has meticulously run promos over the whole summer during the soap operas, The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad, and any drama series. For those who haven't seen that dramatic promo, here it is for your viewing pleasure; I dare you to tell me you're not hooked after this:

Premieres: Sept. 21st

Detective Elliott Stabler will not be returning to Law & Order: SVU for season 13 after contract negotiations fell through; I have no idea how NBC let that happen. Mariska Hargitay will be back as Detective Olivia Benson and will be promoted at some point during the season but will be seen just as much. The rest of the cast returns as well with Danny Pino (Cold Case) and Kelli Giddish (Chase) as new additions to the cast, playing Detective Nick Amaro and Detective Amanda Rollins respectively. Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh will play themselves on a basketball centered episode this season along with actor Mehcad Brooks, and the show is in talks with Andre Braugher to have him play a lawyer on the show who gets close to Olivia. Brothers & Sisters' Ron Rifkin will guest-star in the season premiere as the defense attorney of Franco Nero's Dominic Strauss-Kahn-esque rape suspect.

SVU seldom offers insight to how their season will play out, so when I saw this video on their website, I knew I had to share. I feel surprisingly more at ease after watching this, it's almost like the actors reassured me that they understand how the fans of SVU feel, and they want to bring us captivating, thought provoking episodes.

Premieres: Sept. 21st

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