Monday, June 27, 2011

Ashley Hebert: The Bachelorette Season 7 Episode 5

This episode was rather scary at points but I don't imagine it being as scary as tonight's episode where the vile Bentley makes his return prompting some of the bachelors to wonder why they are even there fighting for Ashley. She just seems to want to put all her time into Bentley. Although, let's be fair, the guy completely lied about not only his reason for leaving, but he lied about his feelings for Ashley and his relationship with the other bachelors was fake to say the least.

Anyway, plenty more about tonight's episode later; this is about last week's episode.

A little bit awkward? I like Ben F. a lot (wine guy); however, for some reason their chemistry is a little but awkward. I am talking in particular about when they are at the Thai temple. Later on at dinner, Ben talks about how a year ago he wasn't emotionally available as a result of his father's death several years before. He says he is more accepting now because he is less selfish. He says his agenda in a relationship is doing things for the person he is with and growing together as a couple. Ashley gives him a rose, and comments on the passion between them and how she can see herself with him.

Worst premise for a date: The group date where the guys literally fight each other for Ashley. Poor Ames ended up in a hospital with a concussion. Blake received the group date rose and presented himself as a front runner.

Sweetest moment of the night: All the guys being so concerned about Ames. I found that really sweet; their camaraderie was not only impressive but nice to see in a day and age where everything is about competition.

Worst 2 on 1 date: William and Ben C. Ashley, my dear, I have to hand it to you on one thing, you got rid of two guys on the show that in my opinion were dead weight. William is a liar and doesn't think about anything before he says it. Hasn't he inserted his foot in his mouth enough this season? William, Ashley wants a man, not a 30 year old boy! Ben C. was someone I really liked at the beginning of this but he had no life and no enthusiasm on this date whatsoever. When Ashley accused of him of not really wanting to be there, he didn't even try and fight that opinion or challenge it. It begs the question: did he really want to be there? Ashley sent both guys packing.

Kindest words of the night: J.P. admitted to Ashley that it stung when she came to the house to pick up Ben F. for their one on one. He said what gets his through it is thinking about any time he will get to have with her. Ashley spoiled this by telling the camera she couldn't help but think about Bentley. :-(

Smartest words of the night: Host Chris Harrison telling Ashley that she is not being fair to the guys or herself by thinking about Bentley. He promised her that the process will not work if she is only in it half way.

Nick is eliminated at the rose ceremony.

Eight bachelors remain: Ben F., Blake, Constantine, Lucas, J.P., Ames, Mickey, Ryan

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