Monday, June 13, 2011

Ashley Hebert: The Bachelorette Season 7 So Far...

Ashley Hebert's season of the Bachelorette has been nothing less than eventful. It's also been a season of several firsts, surprising since it's been airing for a while now. So far, three episodes have aired and there has already been tons of scandal, and an "it" that I refuse to refer to as a guy.

I am going to create some superlatives about the guys, and some of the events that have transpired so far this season.

Episode 1

Best entrance for the first meeting: a tie between Ben C. and Ben F. Ben C. spoke French and intrigued Ashley, good move for a first meeting. Ben F. brought two glasses and a bottle of wine from his own vineyard, if that's not sweet and impressive, I don't know what it is.

Too cocky for his own good first meeting: Bentley, oh please, need I explain, we'll get into this later.

Most awkward first meeting: Jeff. The mask was a good idea in theory but a bad idea ultimately.

Best first impression but possibly becoming too annoying for his own good: Ryan P. -- Ryan seemed like the whole package and even got the first impression rose, but the guys are beginning to tire of his constant attempts to hog Ashley's time. We all know how that turns out (Vienna ring a bell? And I do want to say that I do actually like Vienna).

Most laughable moment from episode one: Tim who is an alcohol distributor got completely drunk to the point that he was unable to even have a conversation with Ashley, fell asleep, couldn't stand up, and was kicked off before the rose ceremony.

*Eliminated after the first episode: Anthony, Chris M., Frank, Jon, Michael, Rob, and Tim

Episode 2

Best Matthew McConaughy feel kinda guy: Nick. I don't know what it is but Nick reminds me of Matthew McConaughy. I loved the seen in the second episode where he teaches Ashley to line dance. I propose Nick for the next Bachelor.

Best One on One Date from episode two: Mickey. Visit to a giant wine cellar that isn't a cellar and dinner in a Penthouse in Las Vegas with an amazing view of the city. Mickey reveals he is an only child but has step siblings. His mom passed away six years ago but he tries to live his life in a way that would make her proud. Then they go outside where they have an impromptu beach party where Colbie Caillet sings. The dancing and the kiss between Ashley and Mickey is definitely hot. Can I just say if Mickey doesn't win he has an amazing chance of being the next Bachelor, Nick is really a long shot (we could see him on The Bachelor Pad?).

Most surprising moment from episode two: tie William and West. William revealed that like Ashley's father is father is an alcoholic except that William's father actually died from the disease. West revealed that his wife died.

Biggest Ass on the show: Bentley!

Worst line from episode 2: Bentley. "I'd rather swim in piss than plan a wedding with Ashley."

*Eliminated after the second episode: Matt, Stephen, and Ryan M.

Episode 3

Best moment that should have been good but wasn't: Jeff taking off the mask. They built it up and it turned out to be such a bomb that Jeff was eliminated at the end of the episode.

Biggest Ass (again)!: Bentley, I'm gonna make Ashley cry; I hope my hair looks good. You jerk! Bentley, what woman in America do you know who is going to actually be stupid enough to date you after this. Even Emily, who you said you really came here for doesn't like you or buy your story.

Best insert foot in mouth moment episode three: William. Some of the guys went on a group date where they had to roast Ashley. He made a joke saying they came here for Emily or Chantal and wound up with Ashley. Wow, William. I hope you are ready to do some major kissing up my friend. A front runner just moved to the back of the pack, right William?

Best One on One Date from episode three: J.P. Ashley, if you don't fall in love with J.P., I most certainly think I am going to. What is not to like about this tall, dark, handsome, and shy NYC cutie? I especially loved the part where they decided to change into pajamas and sit near the fire. Ashley kissed J.P. and commented, there is something about J.P.'s kisses, let's just say J.P. over Bentley in the kiss department. Ashley, I am so relieved to hear you say that because I could tell that Bentley kisses like a wuss just by looking at him. Plus, in the words of Jimmy Kimmel, who names their child after an obnoxious car? Thank you. And J.P. thank you.

*Eliminated after the third episode: Jeff and Chris D.

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