Monday, June 20, 2011

Ashley Hebert: The Bachelorette Season 7 Episode 4

Best Advice: Constantine and Ashley ran into a sage Thai man on their one on one date who told them in love you must forgive and forget and love is not about winning. Amen.

Most intelligent bachelor in the group and Best one on one date: Ames! He has impressed me so much. I know Ames is not much in the looks department but he makes up for it with thought provoking questions, intelligence, charm, and just being a good person. Their one on one date was so beautiful; they went sea kayaking which took them through a cave. Ames equated navigating the sea like navigating a relationship, their are twists and turns around every corner, but so beautiful. Ashley is intrigued by Ames's personality and says there is so much good in him. Good thing you got rid of Bentley so you could get to know Ames, Ashley! Good move!

The group date took place at an orphanage for children in Thailand who lost their families in the Tsunami. The guys and Ashley work on painting and some landscaping. Ben F. paints a mural for the kids; nice touch Ben, very cute! Ashley feels Ben F. is getting more and more confident and comfortable.
J.P. talks to Ashley later in the date, and tells her that the day at the orphanage has forever changed him. They are outside by the beach in the pouring rain and he is holding an umbrella over her as they talk about the day and their last one on one date. He says he doesn't care that he saw Ashley at her lowest point.

Most movie moment: J.P. kissing Ashley under the umbrella as they sit on the beach. He said is doesn't get more romantic than that and they have definite chemistry. Ashley says J.P. is one sexy man.

Constantine and Ames got roses on their one on one dates and Ben F. got the rose on the group date.

West is eliminated because Ashley doesn't know if he is ready to move on following the death of his wife.

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