Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I haven't been able to stop thinking about Beyonce's performance of her single 1+1 last week at the American Idol finale among other things. Wow, Scotty, one of my top picks from the very beginning winning the whole thing was certainly an exciting moment for me, as was his performance with Tim McGraw. I loved Carrie Underwood performing with Lauren Alaina; Carrie, once in Lauren's spot is now Lauren's idol. I loved Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony performing together; Aguanile should somehow be a hit right here in the United States. I have little to no idea what the song means but it sounds so good, and if that songs makes Jennifer move like that, imagine what it could do for the rest of us.

After what I learned tonight about Beyonce's new song, you could say it was a night of 1+1=2, because there were many wonderful duets. Apparently B's new track is produced by The Dream who I love not only as a producer but as an artist. His voice is so smooth and I would like to make the argument that these two should record this single as a duet because their voices together will no doubt sound amazing. Listen to both versions here: 1+1 and let me know what you think. Incidentally, Beyonce's new album 4 will be in stores later this month; it's one of the only albums on my list this summer. (I confess that last week I bought Brad Paisley's This Is Country Music, I love it, and more about it in an upcoming post).

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