Saturday, February 22, 2014

Winter Olympics Sochi 2014: Day 14

I can't say I agree with the outcome. It's a statement that could be made about the outcome of the ladies' figure skating event as well as the women's hockey competition.

I have heard so many people today talking about the outcome of the women's hockey competition, and I know Team USA is sad or upset about not winning the gold and losing in a shoot out to Canada, but you have to be proud of yourself for winning silver. You don't think Bode Miller or Julia Mancuso are pleased with the bronze medals they won? Arguably, those medals may mean more to them than others because of how late in their careers they earned them. Team USA should consider how much women's hockey has grown in the past few years: leaps and bounds. Also to consider is how many young girls are inspired by this and will make their own Olympic dreams and goals.

The Results:

Women's Hockey

1. Canada
2. USA
3. Switzerland

In ladies' figure skating, Queen Yuna still reigns supreme in Korea but at these Sochi Games, the new Queen is Adelina Sotnikova from Russia. She's the young lady we least expected but the win was well deserved. Many people say that Sotnikova doesn't have the artistry of Yuna Kim but what she does know well is the technical aspect of figure skating. Initially, I was angry that Kim finished in second, somehow I felt that the home country had to be behind this dethroning, but when you break down the two programs, I understand the placements. I understand why Sotnikova won; I think she was lucky and I think she had the skate of her life. Who knows if she will ever skate that well again, the stars were aligned that night just for her. I don't think Kim felt bad about winning silver. She should have a great sense of pride and who knows what could happen in four years time when the Games are in Korea, we could see her come back and compete for a third Olympic medal. For Carolina Kostner of Italy, that games was all about redemption and the finale of a long career. What was different about Kostner this time, she skated for the pure job of it. And at the end of the day, perhaps her lesson is the most poignant of all. Maybe the most successful athletes are the ones who do it less for the money and more for the joy of playing the sport. They do it for the competition, the adrenaline rush; they're loyal, disciplined, and they have heart.

The Results:

Figure Skating: Ladies'

1. Adelina Sotnikova, Russian Federation, free skate: 149.95, total: 224.59
2. Yuna Kim, Korea, free skate: 144.19, total: 219.11
3. Carolina Kostner, Italy, free skate: 142.61, total: 216.73

4. Gracie Gold, USA, free skate: 136.90, total: 205.53
5. Yulia Lipnitskaya, Russian Federation, free skate: 135.34, total: 200.57
7. Ashley Wagner, USA, free skate: 127.99, total: 193.20
9. Polina Edmunds, USA, free skate: 122.21, total: 183.25

There was one gold medal for the US on day 14, and that came from Maddie Bowman in the new event, the ski half pipe.

The Results:

Freestyle Skiing: Ladies' Ski Half Pipe

1. Maddie Bowman, USA, run one: 85.80, run two: 89.00, best: 89.00
2. Marie Martinod, France, run one: 84.80, run two: 85.40, best: 85.40
3. Ayana Onozuka, Japan, run one: 79.00, run two: 83.20, best: 83.20

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