Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Voice Blind Auditions Season Six: Night Two

Night two of the blind auditions Season 6 continues.... I have put videos for my favorites of the night.

**4 Chair Turn** Delvin Choice sang A Song for You by Donny Hathaway-- Blake, Adam, and Shakira turned around immediately. Usher waited until absolutely the last minute to turn around, and I am sure glad he did. Delvin deserved a four chair turn. Adam and Shakira actually stood up during his performance. Delvin's voice is so full and rich and amazing, and I am hoping that he picks Adam cause Adam steered him in the right direction back in season five when he told him that he had to pick a different song, at the time he picked Closer by Neyo.
Delvin chooses Adam

Madilyn Paige sang Titanium by David Guetta and Sia-- Usher turns, then Shakira. Madilyn's voice is so pure but so big, and she's only 16. Madilyn said she picked Usher because he would help her get to where she needs to be and he would stand by her all the way.
Madilyn chooses Usher

Noah Lis sang Me and Mrs. Jones-- I actually thought no one was going to turn around, but Adam and Blake turned around at the last minute. Adam and Blake battled it out and where Adam thought Noah needed to refine his vocals, Blake thought he needed to dirty it up a little bit. Blake also discussed his love for crooners and Dean Martin. I am with Blake on this, Noah was trying to make the performance too perfect.
Noah chooses Blake

Keith Shuskie sang Somewhere Only We Know by Keane-- No one turned around. I liked Keith's personality, but the vocals were a little bit sloppy. Usher asked him who his musical influences are and he cited Queen. You could hear that in his vocal, and I hope he does come back like Usher suggested.

Deja Hall sang True Colors by Cyndi Lauper-- Blake and Shakira turned at the same time near the beginning and Usher turned at the end. She's only 16! I definitely thought she was older. She has great control in her voice. Blake said she could win this whole show, but not with Usher or Shakira. Blake also exclaims that he wants to adopt Deja. Usher said she was courageous for choosing that song. Despite all that.....
Deja chooses Shakira

**4 Chair Turn** Cary Laine sang Better Dig Two by The Band Perry-- I loved Cary; the grit in her voice is simply awesome. The song suited her so well too, it wasn't just about her vocals, but her attitude. Adam turned for her first and it was almost immediately, followed by Blake and Shakira, and lastly Usher. She deserved the four chair turn. Adam leads her to his chair and has her sit down. The judges proceed to fight over her. I think Usher is convinced she is going to choose Blake and therefore he kind of gives up, but Adam doesn't. Shakira barely even fights for her. Her son thinks she is going to choose Blake. Am I the only person who thinks she is going to choose Adam?
Cary chooses Adam

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