Wednesday, February 24, 2010

American Idol Season 9: The Top 12 Ladies

I was looking forward to the season 9 girls because they have been so hyped up; all the judges say this is the year of the girl. After hearing everyone sing, I was not very impressed; there are not 5 or 6 that I would send on to the finals at this point. I guess I need to wait another week, see if anyone takes in the criticism of the judges and improves.

Thumbs up!

*I was most impressed with Crystal Bowersox; this woman is a natural born performer who does not care about what other people think of her. She is so genuine and Randy said he loves her honesty and originality. Simon thought she could have done better but finds her refreshing, I loved her singing Alanis Morrisette, "Hand in my Pocket" because it was her. Kara said she has the ability to take us on a journey when she sings and if that is true I am going with her.

*Michelle Delamor surprised me a lot, though I expected her to sing a song like Alicia Keys' "Fallin", it was such a professional performance that I didn't care about her song choice. Randy urged her to take risks and I agree

*Lilly Scott sang "Fixin a Hole" by the Beatles and Simon said he was happy that she picked a song that portrayed who she is as an artist but he didn't feel star power from her. Randy liked her indie artist vibe and feels it is honest.

*Katelyn Epperly's jazzy rendition of the Beatles' "Oh Darlin" was a good move for her. Kara told Katelyn that she knows her voice very well and switched up the melody of the song to suit her voice. Randy loved how, unlike other singers, she paid attention to the tone.

Middle of the Road

*Siobhan Magnus has great vocals but I cannot understand why she chose a song as dark as Chris Issac's "Wicked Game". Ellen and Kara both really liked it. Simon was split, and Randy said the song was a little too small for her at this time in the competition.

*Katie Stevens has been told various times that she could win this whole thing, but last night's performance of Michael Buble's "Feeling Good" left me wanting more. She did not display great vocal abilities; Kara said it was pitchy all over the place. Simon found it "pageanty" and borderline annoying. Ellen told her to act more like a 17 year old, to have more fun with the performance; I really hope she will do that.

*The only reason Ashley Rodriguez is in the middle of the road group is because I have heard this young woman sing and she is so talented. The problem came in her song choice, Leona Lewis' "Happy"; this song was way too big for this stage of the competition. It is far too risky to take on Leona Lewis unless you can definitely sing this song as strongly as she can. The arrangement is horrible but I am hoping she will be back.

*Janell Wheeler is in this group because I know she has it in her to be better; her rendition of "American Boy" by Estelle in the Hollywood round was one of the surprises in the competition. Her choice of "What About Love" by Heart made her lose a lot of the originality in her voice according to judge Kara and I agree. What was present in "American Boy" was not present in "What About Love".

Thumbs Down :(

*Paige Miles choice of "All Right Now" by rock group Free was a really odd choice. Simon thinks she has the best voice of all the girls but completely chose the wrong song. I think if she wants to move up in this competition she needs to think more about what song she chooses.

*Didi Benami gets the award for choosing a song I have never heard of, "The Way I Am" by Ingrid Michaelson. Simon called her performance self indulgent which I do agree with; she chose a song for herself rather than for the viewers. Randy said there was not enough star power.

*Lacey Brown's rendition of "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac was depressing; Simon wondered when it was gonna be over. Ellen said Lacey is better than the performance she gave. Kara hopes she gets another chance, but Randy said it was terrible and a bad song choice, very pitchy.

*Haeley Vaughn wins the worst performance of the night award. She is someone who was totally hyped up by the judges, they all said how great she was, including Simon. This was disappointing. I did not like the arrangement that she did of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles; the vocal sounded very forced. Kara loves her presence but said that she needs to practice the technical part of her performance. Simon said verging on terrible, a complete and utter mess.

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