Thursday, February 25, 2010

2010 Vancouver Olympics: Days 13 and 14

Day 13

Martina Sablikova of the Czech Republic won her second gold medal of these games, this time in the 5000m event. Sablikova, dubbed the skating "queen" of these games said if she would have had to skate just 100m more, she would not have made it. Just four years ago, Cindy Glassen was Canada's golden girl winning five medals in Torino; this time around she has not won one medal. Clara Hughes, at the age of 37, and in her last Olympic games won bronze for Canada; she felt it was a great way to close out her career. Stephanie Beckert of Germany took silver.

1. Gold-- Martina Sablikova, Czech Republic, 6:50:91
2. Silver-- Stephanie Beckert, Germany, 6:51:39
3. Bronze-- Clara Hughes, Canada, 6:55:73

In the 3000m short track relay, South Korea began their gold medal celebration a bit prematurely; judges ruled that they impeded during an exchange push with just laps remaining. South Korea was disqualified. China took the gold, Canada the silver, and U.S.A. the bronze.

3000m Relay
1. Gold-- China
2. Silver-- Canada
3. Bronze-- U.S.A.

Day 14

The surprise in it all is that no American women made it on to the podium in the Ladies' Giant Slalom. It was an event that Julia Mancuso was expected to fare well in, after all, she was the defending champion. Even more surprising was who won, 20 year old Viktoria Rosenburg from Germany who competed for the first time in senior level after winning this event at the junior championships last year. "It's the highest thing I ever could achieve, crazy," she said following her run. Tina Maze of Slovenia won another silver, her other silver coming in the Super G, and Elisabeth Goergl of Austria matched her bronze from downhill with a bronze in this event as well.

Ladies' Giant Slalom
1. Gold-- Viktoria Rosenburg, Germany, 2:27:11
2. Silver-- Tina Maze, Slovenia, 2:27:15
3. Bronze-- Elisabeth Goergl, Austria, 2:27:25

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