Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 Vancouver Olympics: Day 15

I guess in a sport as risky as short track you can win as easily as you can lose; on Friday night Apolo Ohno demonstrated just that. Trying to defend his gold in the 500m, the fourth place (in a four man race) Ohno tried to make a move to the front, when he was disqualified. What for you ask? Apparently Apolo caused a crash that made Canadian skater Francois Louis Tremblay fall; Apolo says he only put his hand on Tremblay's hip to protect himself and he did not push him and he did not deserve to be disqualified. He suggested that the head Canadian referee may have had something to do with it. Charles Hamelin of Canada won the gold and not only in the 500m but later in the night in the 5000m relay. Apolo did end up winning a bronze medal in the 5000m relay along with Olympic rookies J.R. Celski, Jordan Malone, and Travis Jayner.

Men's 500m
1. Gold-- Charles Hamelin, Canada, 40.981
2. Silver-- Sung Si Bak, South Korea, 41.340
3. Bronze-- Francois Louis Tremblay, Canada, 46.366

Men's 5000m Relay
1. Gold-- Canada, Charles Hamelin/ Francois Hamelin/ Olivier Jean/ Francois Loius Tremblay, 6:44.244
2. Silver-- South Korea, Kwak Yoon Gy/ Lee Ho Suk/ Lee Jung Su/ Sung Si Bak, 6:44.446
3. Bronze-- U.S.A., J.R. Celski, Travis Jayner, Jordan Malone, Apolo Ohno, 6:44.498

Katherine Reutter's role model growing up was Bonnie Blair; one piece of advice she gave her was to remember that the girls she is competing against at the Games are the same ones she competes against all the time. Reutter must have listened because she won silver in the 1000m, the only medal by a U.S. woman in speedskating or short track for these games. She only lost to the best in the world Meng Wang of China. who already won three golds at these games and has clearly established herself as a powerhouse.

Ladies' 1000m
1. Gold-- Meng Wang, China, 1:29.213
2. Silver-- Katherine Reutter, U.S.A., 1:29.324
3. Bronze-- Park Seung Hi, South Korea, 1:30.165

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