Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Vancouver Olympics: Day 5

She waited four years for redemption, and unfortunately she will have to wait another four; Lindsey Jacobellis didn't even win a medal at all this time. Four years ago, Jacobellis lost gold and settled for silver on a showboating move when she should have been crossing the finish line. This time around, she lost her balance on a jump and clipped the outside of a gate, going out of bounds, and she was disqualified just like that.

The winner in all of this was Maelle Ricker from Canada and rightly so, she was the top rider in the world this past year. You can be sure no one in the stands was complaining.

Womens' Snowboard Cross
1. Gold-- Maelle Ricker, Canada
2. Silver-- Deborah Anthonioz, France
3. Bronze-- Olivia Nobs, Switzerland

South Korean athlete Lee Sang-Hwa said what made her most nervous about her race in the 500m was that, "all my friends won medals so I had a little bit of pressure. I was a bit worried." What Lee didn't say was that she beat out two favorites in this event to win a gold that she wasn't favored to win. The 2o year who will turn 21 at the end of the month beat out world record holder Jenny Wolf of Germany and Wang Beixing of China. Wolf and Wang won all eight 500m events through World Cup season so Lee's victory came unexpectedly.

Following the race, Lee said, "The feeling has not sunk in yet. I cannot believe I have won the medal. I am very emotional right now and I feel like I am going to cry." Wolf said, "Right now, I'm a little bit confused. I wanted to win gold."

Ladies' 500m
1. Gold-- Lee Sang-Hwa, South Korea, total time: 76.09
2. Silver-- Jenny Wolf, Germany, total time: 76.14
3. Bronze-- Wang Beixing, China, total time: 76.63

Germany proved today that its athletes are the best sliders in the world for a sixth time sweeping the men's and ladies singles events in luge. Gold medal winner Tatjana Huefner said she was so nervous before her final run that she took a half hour nap. Huefner who won the bronze medalist in Torino was just about tackled by her teammate Geinsenberger after she found out that she won the gold medal. The all time scoreboard for Olympic luge medals (for ladies) is Germany: 26, the rest of the world: 13.

Ladies' Singles Luge
1. Gold-- Tatjana Huefner, Germany, total time: 2:46:524
2. Silver-- Nina Reithmayer, Austria, total time: 2:47:014
3. Bronze-- Natalie Geinsenberger, Germany, total time: 2:47:101

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