Monday, November 30, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6: Week 5 (A Brief Recap)

I have to admit that overall I was disappointed in Week 5. I was disappointed in who was sent home, and in the routines. I will say that the highlights this week were really high.

Can I first say that they made a mistake by sending Karen home; she is a star. Rather, although Ellenore is quirky and has a unique personality, I somtimes find her boring so I would have sent her home. I called Victor going home last week, and so this decision did not surprise me. He was a gifted dancer but not strong enough to win this competition and be in the Top 10.

Some couples continued to make strives while others were at a standstill. The competition will shake up this week because everyone is going to have new partners.

Out of 12 routines this week, there were four that impressed me and two of those four were danced by the same couple.

The first was a Sonya Tayek Jazz routine danced by Kathryn and Legacy; I loved this so much! Adam says he is sad to see this couple break up because they have developed such a beautiful chemistry. The dance showcased both dancers strengths. Nigel called it one of his favorite routines of the season. He said Kathryn was sexy and mature without pushing it; he said Legacy had great musicality. (music: "So Deep" by Hot Chip)

Sonya Takek's second routine, a Lyrical Jazz routine danced by Ashleigh and Jakob was amazing. Adam said it was so beautiful that he didn't know what to say. Adam said Ashleigh was not the same girl she was in Vegas. He said watching Jakob is surreal and it is a pleasure to watch him. Mary called Jakob a technical genius, and said Ashleigh is so great that she has higher expectations for her now. Nigel said that they have both given each other something special. (music: "Time Flies" by Lykke Li)

Noelle and Russell danced a Tyce Diorio Contemporary and Adam said they were gorgeous and maximized themselves on everything. Nigel said that Noelle was 100% committed to the routine and to her partner. In the midst of it all, Nigel said he forgot Russell was a street dancer.
(music: "A Case Of You" by Diana Krall)

Ashleigh and Jakob's second routine of the night was a Jean Marc Genereaux ChaCha that was wow! Jakob had the feel of a ballroom dancer, and Mary called Ashleigh's legs amazing. The judges agreed that not only did they kill this routine but they were the couple of the night.
(music: ChaCha Heels)