Monday, November 2, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6: Everything You Need to Know

In the first week, contemporary dancer Ariana Debose and hip hop dancer Brandon Dumlao were eliminated and not by the voting public but by the judges. To be fair, Brandon was thrown in as a last minute replacement for the talented Billy Bell who took ill and was unable to continue with the competition. Nigel said he would speak with FOX and try to make Brandon eligible to try out next season. Ariana was partnered with Peter; the two did a Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop routine, but Ariana didn't bring it and the judges sent her packing.

Who is Left:

Ashleigh Di Lello a 26 year old International Latin Ballroom Dancer from Orem, UT. She is half of the first married couple in SYTYCD history, her husband Ryan is also on the show. Ashley is partnered with Jakob, and the two tackled a Tyce DiOrio Broadway number. Nigel believes that Ashleigh will greatly benefit from her partnership with Jakob because he is such a gifted dancer. He is also quick to remind everyone that Ashleigh herself went through a lot in her life to get to where she is right now.

Bianca Revels is a 20 year old tapper from Detriot, MI; she is one of three tappers to make the finals on this season. Bianca describes herself as happy and upbeat, so it is no surprise that Mary Murphy said it was Bianca's passion that really sold her performance with partner Victor Smalley in a Travis Wall contemporary piece.

Channing Cooke is an 18 year old contemporary dancer from Haverhill, MA. The spontaneous and sporty Channing performed a Jason Gilkison jive with partner Phillip. Although, they lacked a bit of chemistry, I think the partnership has great growth potential. Judge Adam Shankman said Channing surprised him because she showed great elegance and femininity throughout the dance.

Ellenore Scott is a 19 year old jazz dancer with a ballet background from NY, NY. She is partnered with Ryan Di Lello and the two danced a contemporary jazz piece by Sonya Tayeh, a piece very much in Ellenore's comfort zone. Adam called both of them exciting, and Mary said their chemistry was great.

Jakob Karr is a 19 year old contemporary dancer from Orlando, FL. He is partnered with Ashleigh; Jakob is one of the most naturally gifted dancers to ever grace the SYTYCD stage. It is hard to believe that he has only been dancing for about seven years; he is also friends with last season's winner Jeanine Mason and calls her gifted and level headed. Adam believes Jakob will hit it every single time, and not only is he technically good but he performs well too.

Karen Hauer is a 27 year old Latin Ballroom dancer and she is one hot little number. Karen is partnered with Kevin Hunte, and describes herself as sensual, inspired, and nurturing. The two danced a Tony and Melanie chacha this week, and Mary called her "sharp, rhythmical, and sexy" and told her she was on the hot tamale train. Adam told Kevin that this was Karen's world, and "you were visiting". The lovely Karen says that her Latin dance ability is natural especially since she was born in Venezuela and came to the U.S. at age 8.

Kathryn McCormick is a 19 year old contemporary dancer from Augusta, GA. Kathryn is partnered with Legacy Perez, and together, the two danced a funny Dave Scott hip hop routine. Mary told Kathryn that she really pulled the number off and popped her body right. The chemistry between these two dancers was very real, and it's believable since Kathryn is such a fun loving person.

Kevin Hunte is a 23 year old hip hop dancer from Brooklyn, NY. He is partnered with the hot Karen Hauer; Kevin also models in his free time. He has worked with Lil Mama and Beyonce, and cites Michael Jackson as his favorite dancer. Nigel said that despite the fact that he was completely out of his element he did a great job dancing; Adam said he did entertain the crowd.

Legacy Perez is a 28 year old b-boy dancer from Los Angeles, CA. Legacy is partnered with Kathryn; following their first routine, Mary told Legacy that his performance to a Dave Scott hip hop was precise, into character, and hard hitting. Legacy toured a few years ago with Gwen Stefani on the Harajuku Lover's Tour, and cites Singin' in the Rain with Gene Kelley and Cyd Charisse as a favorite dance moment.

Mollee Gray is an 18 year old jazz dancer from Orem, UT. Mollee is partnered with Nathan Trasoras, and last week they danced a Doriana Sanchez disco that was super fast and action packed with lots of difficult lifts. Mollee describes herself as fun, energetic, bubbly, and dedicated which is probably why Adam called her dancing and the energy behind it "infectious, upbeat, and glorious". This couple has amazing potential. Mollee has appeared in all three "High School Musical" films.

Nathan Trasoras is an 18 year old contemporary dancer from Downey, CA. Nathan is partnered with Mollee. Nigel said that a routine like Doriana's could only be danced by someone like Nathan who has that kind of life in them. He says that he looks up to Twitch, Dominic Sandoval, and Travis Wall.

Noelle Marsh is an 18 year old contemporary dancer from Sanford, NC. Noelle is partnered with Russell but was unable to dance last week due to injury so she sat on the sidelines and cheered for her partner. Noelle describes herself as spunky, artistic, vivacious, and loving; she looks up to Travis Wall because not only is he a great dancer, but a great choreographer.

Pauline Mata is an 18 year old jazz dancer from West Covina, CA. Pauline was paired with Brandon who was voted off. Mary praised Pauline for her elegance and quality of movement; Adam loved Pauline's facial expressions throughout the routine.

Peter Sabasino is a 22 year old tapper from Philadelphia, PA. Peter was partnered with Ariana for a Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop, but sadly she was voted off by the judges. Peter says Gregory Hines is his favorite professional dancer, and he says his tap style is similar to his and Jimmy Slyde, and Savion Glover's rolled into one.

Phillip Attmore is a 25 year old tapper from Pasadena, CA. Peter is partnered with Channing Cooke, and Adam Shankman said Phillip did beautifully in the jive which he expected. This is a classy pairing, and I think these are two people that will go far in the competition. Phillip says that he looks up to Ryan Kasprzak (Evan's brother) because he paved the way for other tappers. He cites Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and Gregory Hines as his inspirations.

Russell Feguson is a 20 year old Krump dancer from Boston, MA. Russell is the first krumper in the history of SYTYCD to make the finals, and he is partnered with Noelle who sat out last week with an injury. Nigel called Russell an inspiration for many people and said he is living proof of why there needs to be dance in school. Adam said that he continues to defy explanation and that he is grace, style, and it is all effortless.

Ryan Di Lello is a 28 year old ballroom dancer from Orem, UT. Ryan is partnered with Ellenore Scott, and the couple danced a jazz routine with which Mary was very impressed. She said that Ryan was focused on his partner 100% and stayed in character the whole time. He has worked extensively with pro dancer and choreographer Louis Van Amstel, and looks up to Pasha because he adapted well to other styles and went really far in the competition which is what Ryan hopes to do.

Victor Smalley is a 20 year old contemporary dancer from Miami, FL. He is partnered with tapper Bianca Revels, and they danced the house down with a Travis Wall contemporary piece. Nigel loved the passion and chemistry between the two, and says he has already seen tremendous growth since they started the competition. Victor says previous contestant Danny Tidwell is a favorite of his because of his turns, and says that even though he started dancing only five years ago, it is never too late.

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