Sunday, November 22, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6: Recap Week 4

The Lowlights and the Highlights from Week 4 as the judges said goodbye to two more dancers.

The lowlights:

Karen and Kevin's Broadway number by Tyce Diorio was a bit lackluster as far as their usual performance. Karen didn't have the chance to be sexy in this routine which is so much of what she naturally is. Nigel thought it needed more humor, and Mary agreed. Adam kept it positive saying they should not have been able to get through the performance but they did.

Channing and Victor's Tyce Diorio Jazz routine was a bit beyond recognition. I totally did not get it; the music threw me off, and did not allow me to get into the routine as much as I would have liked and so I found myself not caring about these characters. Adam told the couple to continue to grow and step it up.

The highlights:

Ashleigh and Jakob danced and Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop to "Whatcha Say" by Jason Derulo; Nigel loved the routine. He said there is no doubt that Jakob will be in the top ten, and he said Ashleigh more than held her own. Mary said she found herself drawn to Ashleigh as a result of how tight, how down, how hard hitting, and how believable her passion was.

Noelle and Russell danced an Eddie Simon foxtrot to "Baby (You've Got What it Takes)" by Michael Buble. Nigel said that Russell vastly improved his foxtrot from three weeks ago, and commented that there is no question in his mind that Russell is a star. He said Noelle fights every week to come up to where her partner is and this week she was successful. Adam said their joy extended and they stepped up and were fantastic.

Kathryn and Legacy danced a Tony Meredith Paso Doble; Kathryn really impressed me this week and Nigel called her magnificent. She really improved and brought a lot of intensity. Nigel said that Legacy's passion and hunger could push him into the top ten. Mary said Kathryn played the vixen just and Legacy performed beyond expectations. Adam said that Kathryn killed it and her bravado was perfect, and he called Legacy's stamina crushing.

Ellenore and Ryan performed a Travis Wall contemporary to "You Ex Lover's Dead" by Stars; this was another beautiful Travis Wall routine. Nigel said Ryan is the best ballroom dancer that has done contemporary, and not only is Ellenore a brilliant dancer but a brilliant performer who takes on a different character every time she performs. Adam said he had to catch his breath again this season.

Mollee and Nathan performed a Laurie Ann Gibson pop jazz routine to "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga; Mollee and Nathan are back! Nigel called Mollee one of the most committed dancers he has ever met. He told Nathan to keep growing so that he can reach his full potential in dance. Adam said that Laurie Ann's tough love approach was exactly what they needed to get back on track.

And when all was said and done, the judges said goodbye to Channing and Kevin. I want to say that I disagree with Kevin going home, he has shown more growth than Victor, and I feel like the judges kept Victor because he is a contemporary dancer. Bad move judges, 10 to 1 Victor goes home this week when he should have gone home last week.

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