Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bachelorette Scoop Episode 8: Adios Wes!

Jillian travels with the four remaining men to Spain...

Her first date is with Kiptyn, they go flamenco dancing, and I have to say they look kind of dumb dancing cause they don't know how to flamenco. Jillian starts laughing like a high school girl. They meet up to have dinner and they take a scooter to get to their destination; Kiptyn crashes the scooter into the side of the road. Upon arrival at dinner, the waiter brings out some snails, which I find weird; Jillian contently eats them and Kiptyn is a little grossed out cause he has never had them before. Why were they eating snails exactly? Isn't that a French thing: escargot? Jillian then says that Kiptyn reminds her of her dad; is that a good thing or a bad thing? It seems a little bad to me. Jillian chooses not to go to the fantasy suite with Kiptyn and spend the night (before you are surprised by this because usually everyone chooses to go; Jillian does not go to the fantasy suite with any of the men).

I love the chemistry between Jillian and Reid, especially when they went shopping for food in a Spanish market. I enjoy Reid's sense of humor, and Jillian is clearly very comfortable with him. They actually act the most like boyfriend and girlfriend than any other guy in the competition with Jillian. At dinner, she asks Reid what he thinks makes them fit so well together, and Jillian loves all the things Reid has to say about her. He also acts most gentlemanly when she decides that they shouldn't go to the fantasy suite. (n.b. If Reid gets kicked off next episode, I will strike for one week!; I decided this way before I posted this so late! lol)

Ed and Jillian take a carriage ride around the city. She realizes that she and Ed have missed out on a lot of time and a lot of conversations. Ed tells her he does indeed want to spend the night with her. Jillian also realizes that she has to catch Ed up to where the other guys are now.

And now for the main event: Wes! Irony of all ironies, when Wes tells Jillian that he thinks that they are good together he is sitting far away from her. There is also a real lack of affection on Wes' part. When she tells Wes, hypothetically speaking that if she did want to make it work, would he meet her half way; Wes knocks over a drink to avoid answering that question. At dinner, Jillian calls Wes out on not showing any affection, and Wes says I am just looking out for number one (which of course is himself). Wes "accidentally" calls Laurel his girlfriend. Wes says he thinks they should spend the night in the fantasy suite.

After being kicked off, Wes brags in the limo about being the first guy in the Bachelorette to make it to fourth place with a girlfriend.

Episode 9:

Nothing to say! Why didn't Reid move on??? No more to say.

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