Friday, July 5, 2013

Des Makes James Take the Heat in Barcelona

Drew receives the first one on one date in Barcelona; she's excited about this date because she thinks Drew is reserved but romantic. Drew tells Des about his father who was an alcoholic but got help and years later he was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer. Des feels they've bonded. They then have an intimate dinner and Drew whisks Des off to a private spot to share a series of kisses. I think Drew is definitely Bachelor material if he doesn't get scooped up by Des first. Des tells Drew that he is strong and emotional and gives him a rose. He tells Des about what James said and he repeatedly apologizes to Des.

Kasey, Brooks, James, Chris, Juan Pablo, and Michael go to one of the pro soccer stadiums in Spain and play soccer with Des and a professional women's team. They totally kick the guys butt because James is goalie and it totally out of it. Juan Pablo is totally in his element.

The guy hang out with Des later that night. During her one on one time with Chris, Des read a poem that she wrote for him.

Kasey and some of the other guys confront James about what he said. James said that what he said he was kidding about and he didn't really ever say he wanted to be the next Bachelor. He said the whole conversation was guy talk. James explains himself to Des and says he didn't say anything along the lines of what she was told. He says that he only had guy talk with Mikey T. and that's it.

I will say from my perspective that I do believe that James and Des developed a bond and there was definitely something there. It doesn't seem like all the guys hate James, it seems like some of them are definitely more involved in trying to dismantle him than others. I think Des was levelheaded in her conversation with James and she did the right thing by letting herself think about it.

Her next one on one date is with Zak W., who has been a favorite of mine since the beginning. Des loves his fun energy. They go to a painting studio and a male model comes in with a robe and disrobes. Zak leaves smiling and then comes in with a robe and takes it off and is standing in his underwear. It looks like they are eating dinner in a cave? I am unsure of where they are. Des loves how engaging Zak is, and she trusts him 100%, she doesn't question her relationship with him at all. She gives him a rose, and they seem to be kissing in an alley way as well, reminiscent of her kiss with Drew.

The following day, Des pulls James aside again and I feel like he does come across as very sincere and I think he does have feelings for Des. They talk and James tells her not to cry and praises her for being strong, and he tells her that whatever her decision is, he respects her for it. Once again, Des decides that she needs more time and doesn't send James home.

Zak W.

Kasey, James, and Juan Pablo are sent home---

With Kasey, she had no chemistry so I totally get it.

With James, perhaps she got tired of his sweet talking. I wanted to give James the benefit of the doubt but when he started back at the hotel with the guys after he had just spoken with Desiree, it told me that maybe he was guilty of something.

With Juan Pablo, I don't understand why she didn't keep him around another week and have a one on one with him because she had more chemistry with him than with Michael for sure.

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