Monday, July 15, 2013

Des Has 4 Amazing Hometown Dates, Who Will She Send Home?

Des heads to Zak's hometown first and she helps him with the family business which is snow cone trucks. Zak then dresses up as a penguin, Des is totally enamored because she likes spontaneity. Zak's mom is very welcoming towards Des and loves her and Zak together. His family is witty and fun. Zak's sister sees this as the happiest Zak has been. He wrote a song for Des that his sister and brother sing to her, then he gives her a ring that he bought for her in Atlantic City and he kept with him the whole time. To top it all off, he tells Des he loves her.

Drew's hometown is up next. He tells Des who she is going to meet, and included in that is his sister Melissa who is severaly disabled. There are a ton of people at Drew's moms house! Drew's father says they would be blessed to have her in their family. Drew's mom believe that her son has found the one. He certainly genuinely seems to love Des, the question is, what are feelings towards him? Des says Drew's family is full of love and life. Drew also goes ahead and tells Des that he loves her.

Third up is Chris's hometown. What I notice watching Chris and Des play baseball together is that there is a definite chemistry and attraction, it's stronger than the other two guys so far. Des has sketched her journey with Chris. Next they go to his parent's home, the most awesome part of all this is that Chris's dad is a chiropractor and he gives her an adjustment, she must feel great. I can attest to it, I get it done every once in a while. Then Chris goes to talk to his dad who gives him a nose adjustment! That, I have never heard of. Chris's mom gives Chris her blessing and she cries. Des isn't prepared to say goodbye to Chris.

Last is Brooks's hometown, and he sees this meeting as one more step in their journey. Des made a list of all the things they've done together so far. They then go on a canoe ride. Brooks has a huge family, and Des is seeking their approval. That is the only man she has made that statement about. Brooks's mom asks if he is husband material, and she says yes. Brooks thinks he can make Des happy forever, and his mom thinks that they are compatible. When Des leaves, Brooks feels that they are closer than ever before.

and, Drew received roses

Zak was sent home; he looked shocked like someone knocked the wind out of him.

Des tells Zak he is loving and great and she doesn't ever want him to lose that. Des tells him he deserves the best and gives him back the ring he gave her.

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