Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Voice Blind Auditions: Season 4, Night 2

Night two of the blind auditions continue........

Tawnya Reynolds sang  Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys by Waylon Jennings-- Shakira was really cute and pulled out an English to country dictionary. Adam loved her classic country sound.Usher thought she sounded like Dolly and said let's take a youthful voice and combine it with a classic sound. Ultimately, Blake's argument for Tawnya to pick Usher didn't work and he went with Shakira
Team Shakira

Josiah Hawley sang Sunday Morning By Maroon 5 -- Josiah has a great voice; I question how far he will get because he is trying to do such a stylized vocal.  At the same time, I don't find there are a lot of special things about his voice, it's very easy to copy. Adam was flattered that Josiah chose a Maroon 5 song. Blake thought his performance was bad-ass. Usher feels that he can help him win. Adam tried to lure him in by saying, you picked my song. Shakira didn't turn around.
Team Usher

Midas Whale sang Fulsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash-- These guys were awesome! I loved their sound, it was different but easy to listen to. Shakira was right, their voices blended so well. Blake tried to somehow tie them to country music but he couldn't do it. Shakira loved how they harmonized and loved listening to them, and both members of the group spoke perfect Spanish. Usher feels that he would be able to do so much with their talent, and he says he was the first to turn around. Adam loves them and feels that they are so distinct. This definitely deserved a four judge turn! They chose Adam, and he found in them his first duo ever.  A little bit of background, one of the guys in this group, Jon Peter Lewis was a finalist on American Idol Season 3.
Team Adam

Not Chosen
Abraham McDonald sang Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce-- Abraham is a sweet young man, but this performance was shaky at best, and unfortunately, none of the judges turned around.

Cathia-- This was a little bit odd for me because I didn't think her voice was as wonderful as the judges thought it was. The other thing you always wonder when a contestant sings a specialized song like this is can they sing anything just as well? Usher, Shakira, and Blake turn for her. Shakira makes an airtight argument; she says Usher is curious about the Latin market and he and Blake would make her a star in the U.S., but Shakira believes that she can make Cathia global. As a result, Cathia chooses her idol: Shakira
Team Shakira

Sarah Simmons sang One of Us by Joan Osborne-- This girl is awesome; I love the dynamics in her voice and the way she phrases. I believe Adam when he says she could win the show. All four coaches turned around: first Adam, then Shakira, Blake and Usher. Adam said 150%, you can win this show, and I only fight for people who I really want to have on my team. Blake said she is one of the top three singers he has ever heard audition on The Voice. Shakira said she loves the softness in her voice and the raspy, dirty part of her voice. Usher said she sang with such conviction. At the end, Sarah decided to go with Adam.
Team Adam

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