Thursday, March 21, 2013

American Idol Season 12: The Top 9 and the Lennon McCartney Songbook

This was a bland night of performances; I was disappointed overall. Only about half of the contestants stepped up and delivered performances that were on par with where they should be in the competition right now.

Who was great?

Kree sang With a Little Help from My Friends-- Kree continues to amaze in this competition. She's so special because her talent it so effortless. The judges all agree and can't help but praise her performance. Keith loves that she made it her own, and Randy thought  she blew the vocals out of the water.

Janelle sang I Will-- This was a  sweet performance and I actually had to go back and listen to it to realize that. Janelle's talent is natural. Nicki said she loved it and has grown even more obsessed with Janelle. She discusses the greatness of Janelle's tone and how much she doesn't have to say what she is, she just is.

Candice sang Come Together-- Candice's vocals never fail to amaze me. Keith loves the "rock" side of her. Nicki continues to make weird comments, this time about Candice's face when she sings. Mariah compares Candice to a prized fighter.

Who may be going home?

Lazaro sang In My Life-- Love Lazaro and love his whole story and how inspiring he is. All that being said, this was not a good performance by any means; it was off key and it wasn't Lazaro. Most of the judges felt it was his weakest performance to date. He's lucky and honestly got past this week by the skin of his teeth.

Paul sang Eleanor Rigby-- This poor guy was voted off on Thursday and in my opinion it's because the judges threw him under the bus on Wednesday. His performance was definitely not as bad as they said it was. The only thing I never understood about Paul was his desire to be a country singer, he doesn't read country to me. I feel like he would be much better as an adult contemporary artist.

Amber sang She's Leaving Home-- I've actually never heard this song before, and I didn't think it was a strong performance by Amber, and the song choice played a huge part in that. There were so many other choices she could have made that would have been more beneficial to her. She's actually lucky she didn't go home. Randy thought it started slow but loved the power of the second half of the song. Nicki didn't like it.

Middle of the Pack:

Burnell sang Let it Be-- Once again, the strongest guy of the night. I think this was a wonderful song choice for him because he took the song and turned it into a spiritual. Mariah loved his consistency and authenticity, it's so true, he's such a solid singer, and he really knows what is right for his voice. His tone just continues to be so impressive. I could have also seen him singing a song like Yesterday, kind of the way Boyz II Men sang it.

Devin sang The Long and Winding Road-- This is the first time I actually liked one of Devin's performances. This was touching and, I felt, sincere. Keith wanted him to have more of an emotional connection with the song, which I have trouble understanding since I felt he was so committed. Nicki agreed saying she had no idea what Keith was talking about and felt Devin was indeed connected to the song. Not sure I'd go as far as Mariah to say that it would be a travesty if he was voted off, but I will say: vast improvement over the past weeks.

Angie sang Yesterday-- I love Angie, and I think she definitely knows who she is as an artist. At the same time, I need to say that I feel like this performance was overly dramatic-- the phrasing, and the way that she took a slow song and slowed it down even more. The judge that said what made the most sense was Keith: he said it was a little too in her head at moments. I agree with him, it was almost over thought.

Only eight remain when Paul Jolley was sent home, now that was a travesty. I heard that next week is all about Motown! I love that theme, it's always exciting, and I cannot wait to hear the song choices that the contestants make.

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