Thursday, March 7, 2013

American Idol Season 12: The Top 10 Guys Leave it All on the Line for a Spot in the Top 10

Elijah Liu sang Stay by Rihanna-- Wow, actually really liked Elijah's performance more than I thought I would. Keith thought his voice and control was great. Nicki said she liked it a lot and said she'd be willing to stay. Randy liked it better than last week and feels he is current; although, he was waiting for him to up the ante. Mariah thought it was confident and strong and she liked the song choice. So all the judges were in agreement about the song choice.

Cortez Shaw sang Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars-- Love Cortez, I think he would benefit from some vocal training, and I say this in the nicest way cause he is so talented, but sometimes he is right under the note rather than on it. Keith said he loved his spirit in the song, but didn't like that song for him. Nicki insulted his wardrobe (ummm Nicki, at this stage in the competition, the kids are dressing themselves). Randy felt like he was under pitch, but liked the song choice and his dance moves. Mariah felt he should have started it down a half step; I totally agree with Mariah.

Charlie Askew sang Mama by Genesis-- The vocals in this were not good, and the sad part is that I believed him to be a front runner last week. Nicki says she didn't like it and said that she wanted the kid from last week back. Randy said the front part was terrible and he didn't get it. Mariah took is easy up him because she could see he was visibly upset. This is so sad, because honestly, this is a really good kid. I would like him to have another chance.

Nick Boddington sang Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls-- Nick as a singer has mastered the vulnerability part; he is completely vulnerable in every performance and that's why emotionally, it works. I also love that he made this very recognizable song his own. Keith thought it was perfect for him. Nicki said that Iris is one of her favorite songs, and she did feel it was his comfort zone, but she would have liked to hear more melody. Randy thought good, not great.

Burnell Taylor sang I'm Here from The Color Purple-- Without question, Burnell is talented, I could see him on Broadway. My issue is he repeated a song this early in the competition; he would have been better to hold this until later on (say top 5) because I believe that's his potential. It also makes you question how much versatility he possesses. Keith believes and feels his performance. Nicki wasn't feeling that he sang the same song again, but she did say she loves him. Randy said you capture people from the first word. Mariah said I have so much love for you.

Paul Jolley sang Just a Fool by Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton-- Woah! There were some pitchy parts and he was really screaming the song for almost the whole second half. Keith reminded him not to underestimate himself. Nicki told Paul to listen to Keith because he knows what it takes, but she thought he had a solid performance. Mariah was unaware that he wanted to be a pop country artist.

Lazaro Arbos sang Feeling Good by Nina Simone-- I love his spirit and his personality, his vocal was good, but it wasn't great. He needs to work on his vocals; they need to be as good as his connection to the audience. Nicki loved him and thought it was a strong vocal with attitude on it. Randy thinks he is in it to win. Mariah is impressed with how he throws himself fully into every performance. She did feel the song was a little bit too low for him.

Curtis Finch Jr. sang I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly-- The vocals were incredible, I felt every word, his runs were simply awesome, and he got a standing ovation from all four judges. Keith said we just had a sermon in Vegas, and said this was just such a positive and hopeful performance. Nicki said you always raise the bar. Nicki urged him to make an album like that because that's who he is and that's what he needs right now. Randy said the night just started when Curtis sang. Mariah said she was thankful for him and the fact that she shared it with all of us. Wow!!

Devin Velez sang It's Impossible by Perry Como-- I am pretty torn on this performance because it sounded great, and my impression of Devin as a singer changed, but at the same time, it wasn't current. Keith liked his runs, Nicki didn't really comment, she just tried to babble in Spanish. Mariah thought it was incredible. My problem with this performance is that if he keeps breaking out the Spanish every time, he's going to become a one trick pony.

Vincent Powell sang End of the Road by Boyz II Men-- Keith said the nerves got on top of your talent. Nicki felt that the song wasn't right for him. Randy said it wasn't your best, but it was good, you're still one of the greatest singers in this. Mariah said there were moments of brilliance in that performance. I want America to vote for you, said Mariah. I agree, I don't think it's a top ten without Vincent. I feel like he over-sang it out of nervousness and desperation.

Who is top ten bound?
Burnell Taylor
Curtis Finch Jr.
Elijah Liu
Lazaro Arbos
Vincent Powell
possible alternates or Wild Cards-- Cortez Shaw and Nick Boddington

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