Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reality Recap: The X Factor and The Voice

Contestant's Choice

Tate Stevens sang Bonfire by Craig Morgan-- He performed it well, but I didn't care for the song. Britney didn't think it was his best, Demi disagreed. I kind of agree with both of them because I did not think it was the right song for him, but he did a good job with it. L.A. said it was the most fun he has had since doing the show.

Carly Rose Sonenclar sang Your Song by Elton John-- L.A. thought she did things with the song that have never been done before. Demi thought it was predictable, but loved the R&B side of her voice. Simon said it was a beautiful version of a fantastic song, but not her best performance. I agree with all the judges, but again, didn't think it was necessarily the best song for her.

Emblem3 sang Baby I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton-- L.A. loved the song and saw them as recording artist for the first time. Britney thinks they've grown so much throughout the show. Demi praised it as well and compared it to their first audition and Simon agreed with Demi. I like how their personality showed in the song, but again, didn't like the song choice.

Fifth Harmony sang Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding-- Their performance of Anytime You Need A Friend was one of my favorite performances of this season, top three for sure. I love them. L.A. called it their best vocal performance, inventive, and he said he was proud of them. Britney loved everything about it, and called it magical and full of girl power. Demi said that they pulled out that sparkle that they needed. Simon agreed that "anything could happen," and I do too.

 The Song I Need to get into the Finals

Tate Stevens sang Fall by Clay Walker-- Demi said he deserves all these good things and he is so talented. Simon liked the song choice, and said he has as much likelihood of going back to his old job as he does of flying to the moon tomorrow night. L.A. loves Tate for his consistency, and wished him the best of luck. This was a great song choice as Simon said, I remembered a woman singing this song, and was reminded that Kimberley Locke from American Idol had a number one on the American Dance Charts with this song.

Carly Rose Sonenclar sang Imagine by John Lennon-- L.A. liked her artistic capability and the fact that she played the piano. Demi thought it was amazing and she took a risk. Simon said there was too much going on and it made a beautiful song fussy. He said he didn't like the arrangement and said it was overcomplicated. Britney feels she should be competing with the biggest stars in the world. I actually agree with Simon, and another which he said that was really smart--- she sang those big notes, but the song didn't need that.

Emblem3 sang Hey Jude by The Beatles-- This is an awesome song choice by Simon, ingenious! It totally paid off too; unbelievable performance. L.A. said I thought this was presumptuous and I was going to tear you to shreds for thinking you are teen heartthrobs like The Beatles and you are. Britney told them to take a bow. Simon said you guys have steel in your eyes and nailed it on both songs; you were fantastic.

Fifth Harmony sang Impossible by Shontelle-- Amazing, I could see them putting so much passion into their vocals and the performance. L.A. found their song choice lazy. I totally do not agree with L.A. Britney said she would be surprised if they are in it next week. Demi said there aren't a lot of people supporting them so their fans need to support them. Simon said I hope and pray America gets behind you because I know you were one of the strongest acts tonight.

I loved both groups, I kind of hope one of the solo artists is going home. I don't think Carly Rose had as strong a night as everyone thinks.

Just wanted to comment that regardless of Trevin Hunte being voted off The Voice, I think he has quite the future ahead of him. The best on performance night was Terry McDermott's Let It Be; that guy can sing. He joins Cassadee Pope and Nicholas David in the finals.

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