Sunday, December 9, 2012

Reality Recap: The Voice and The X Factor

Surprises this week on my reality shows:

On The Voice, Adam lost the rest of his team, Amanda Brown and Melanie Martinez, making this a two man race in the finals. It's Cee Lo Green versus Blake Shelton. Cee Lo boasts young soul singer Trevin Hunte and guy from another time with the distinct voice, Nicholas David. Blake's team is not shabby with authentic Scottish rocker Terry McDermott and pop rock star with a pretty face Cassadee Pope. So, I am completely unsure of who will win this thing, each artist is so strong in their own right. Potentially, any one of them could release a great album with the right song writers, songs, and producers.

On The X Factor, Cece Frey and Diamond White participated in the Pepsi Challenge (where the public votes for every aspect of each artist's performance from their song down to their outfit and the stage), but it wasn't enough to win them votes. For Demi, it meant the end of the competition for her, her final contestant was voted off. Four acts remain, two of Simon's groups Emblem3 and Fifth Harmony, Tate Stevens from L.A.'s Team, and Carly Rose Sonenclar from Britney's Team. Each remaining act is definitely in it to win it. Fifth Harmony was improved leaps and bounds every single week. Their save me song this week, Anytime You Need A Friend, by Mariah Carey was the most stunning performance by them to date. There was so much passion in the performance that it begged the question, how could you not save them? Emblem3 will continue to receive loads of votes from teenage and college girls; they also have a real likeability, you want them to do well. I think Demi saying that they are much like The Jonas Brothers was pretty wrong. Emblem3 sounds different, stylistically, they're unique. Tate Stevens is the family man with tons of heart and a golden voice. He's been in cruise control for the majority of this competition. Some think the only person who can beat him is Carly Rose. Carly Rose is amazing, when she sings, I don't believe it because she's so young and yet she has so much poise, maturity, and passion when she sings these songs that you have no choice but to believe her. It's Fifth Hamony and Emblem3's competition to win and it's Tate and Carly Rose's competition to lose. I have a feeling that we'll be seeing more than just the winner after this competition is over.

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