Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Voice Season 3: Week 4 and the Blind Auditions are a wrap

Week four was the final week of blind auditions on The Voice (even though in reality it all happened in a day.... I'm guessing because they've been wearing the same clothes for four weeks). I've decided this week to arrange the final eight contestants by how many chair turns they received. No one received four by the way. I noticed going over my notes that very few contestants did receive the four chair turn.

3 Chairs:

Nathalie Hernandez sang White Horse by Taylor Swift-- I loved her version of this song, it had so much control.
Who did she choose? Christina
I want her on my team because she touched me with her voice.

Kayla Nevarez sang American Boy by Estelle-- This young woman exhibited so much confidence throughout her performance. She had a swagger and her voice was great.
Who did she choose? Adam
I want her on my team because she believes she can win.

Celica Westbrook sang A Thousand Years by Christina Perri-- Sixteen year olds are not supposed to be able to sing like this. Celica got up there and sang a mature song like a pro.
Who did she choose? Christina
She's 16, and with a voice like that comes lots of promise, I need her on my team.

2 Chairs:

Caitlin Michele sang Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine-- All I could think about throughout her performance was how powerful her voice was. Adam was right when he said maybe there were pitch problems, but there's so much potential that can you pass it up?
Who did she choose? Adam
Potential equals power in this competition, she's on my team

Nicole Johnson sang Mr. Know it All by Kelly Clarkson-- Nicole is a country girl at heart, she even sang a country version of the song. I don't know how good she will be, but she is definitely with the right coach.
Who did she choose? Blake
I'm still undecided on whether or not I would choose her for my team.

Chevonne sang Brass in Pocket by The Pretenders-- Chevonne has an interesting story; she sang backup for Lady Gaga on her last tour. She struggled with eating disorders, so she's experienced pain, and with that comes a real grasp on the music. I also liked her song choice, it was gutsy.
Who did she choose? CeeLo
I'd love to have someone who could potentially be a pop star or a rock star on my team.

Rudy Paris sang I'll Be Watchin You by The Police-- I was waiting for this performance to go somewhere but it didn't.
Who did he choose? Blake
I would like to hear him again, especially before I commit.

1 Chair:

Cody Belew sang Hard to Handle by Otis Redding-- Seeing as Cody was the last contestant chosen as CeeLo had one open spot on his team, I expected it to be memorable. I'm not sure I quite believed this performance on him but he does have a good voice, and he was more than happy to make CeeLo's team.
Who did he choose? CeeLo
He had lots of enthusiasm, so I'd like him on my team.

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