Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Voice Season 3: The Battles Continue

The second night of battles was less impressive overall, but one feature that really bothered me was the fact that they didn't really show us full battles for every contestant. Some of them were abbreviated just like in the blind auditions when they showed contestants being chosen but the viewer didn't really get to see them sing.

The first battle of the night was two contestants from Team Cee Lo, Cody Belew and DOMO who were asked to tackle Lady Gaga's hit Telephone-- Cee Lo said this battle would be between the singer who can dance (Cody) and the dancer who can sing (DOMO). Blake commented on the fact that there were no stage presence problems for these two performers. Christina said the song was more suited to DOMO. Cee Lo said that both of them focused too much on the dancing and therefore he had to choose the person he preferred personally, and he went with Cody. I agree because Cody has more potential and DOMO is too one dimensional.
Battle goes to: Cody Belew

Christina's Team had the next battle of the night and it went to two smooth singers, Aquile and Nathalie Hernandez. I was kind of upset that she pitted these two against one another because they're both so good, but they do have similar voices. Christina gave them the song, You Give Me Something by James Morrison. Cee Lo thought Nathalie's voice was sweet while Aquile's was commanding. Adam felt that Aquile is ready while Nathalie will be soon, but isn't yet. Christina said she put them together because they compliment each other so well, but she decided to go with Aquile.
Battle goes to: Aquile

The two "quick," barely shown battles of the night:

Christina's Team-- Celica Westbrook vs. Lisa Scinta sang My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson
Battle goes to: Celica Westbrook

Blake's Team-- Charlie Rey vs. Rudy Parris sang Bad Day by Daniel Powter
Battle goes to: Rudy Parris

Final battle of this show was between two young women from Adam's Team-- Melanie Martinez and Caitlin Michele who sang the current chart topper, Lights by Ellie Goulding-- I liked both of these singers from the blind auditions, but my preference as far as voice and power is Cailtin. Both of them sang well, and following their performances none of the judges would show their hand and say who they preferred more. Adam claimed it was all because they wanted to steal one of them and it was strategic. Being kind of different himself, Adam chose 17 year old, Melanie Martinez, and Cee Lo and Blake expressed interest in Cailtin hitting the steal button.
Battle goes to: Melanie Martinez
Cailtin Michele is stolen by Cee Lo

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