Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Favorite Things: End of August 2012 Edition

Following the Olympics in London and lots of reality show madness, I came to the realization that I had neglected, "My Favorite Things" series. I love bringing the things that I love to you. Of course they aren't always things, something they are people, or music, or TV shows, or events. I have so many ideas now that I having a running list that I hope to eventually write about.

1. If it's good enough for Jennifer Lopez, it's more than good enough for me. I love L'Oreal's Colour Riche Le Gloss; it smells good, it's not too thick or sticky and the colors are great. It also packs a really nice shine. I love Nude Illusion, Saucy Mauve, and Really Rose. Try it out and let me know what colors are your favorite.

2. Stars, stars, and more stars--- the star whether printed on clothing or as an accessory seems to be just about everywhere right now going into fall. I love the star charms on

My favorite:

The Silver Lena Diamond Star Pendant for $298, yes, a little pricey for an accessory, but beautiful. Splurge and buy it yourself, or maybe someone special will buy it for you.

Also on my list, the star print trench coat from LOFT, how lovely is this?

3. Bright and bold earrings are really catching my eye this year, not what I would usually gravitate towards, I am taking a second look at them this year. Often times, I like wearing black, blues, and denim and bold earrings are a way for me to make my outfit trendy without making me feel anything but myself. Mimi Boutique had a lot of cute earrings at affordable prices, a definite must go to for fall!

Tiffany Earrings--- $14.75 wow!

These Alcina Patterned Earring are so sweet and such a steal at $25.75

In eight colors, green (above), blue, coral, red, yellow, fuschia, white, and black; the Esmeralda earring is sweet yet sophisticated, and so affordable that you may buy it in more than one color--- $16.50

Find them all here---

4. I recognize that lace is going to be big this fall but not everyone can pull it off. Not only that, most lace items tend to be on the pricey side. I was so excited when I discovered this lace top, it's mostly cotton which I love, and it's machine wash. I must run to H&M immediately and purchase at least one.

It comes in four colors, white, black, green, and powder, and is only $9.95 Find it here.

5. Last but certainly not least, Phillip Phillips is officially a music star with his single "Home" which enjoyed lots of airplay at The London Games. It was the theme song for the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team. He sounds a little like Springsteen with shades of Coldplay, and this fall his debut album is scheduled to be released. While many are still wondering what the hoopla is all about, I'm just content knowing and understanding the talent that is Phil Phillips.

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