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London Olympics 2012: Day 8

Day eight belonged to the eight fastest women in the world who sprinted in one of the premier track & field events, the 100 meter. Camelita Jeter of the U.S. was a favorite in this event from the time she made the team, and she performed at her season best; although, it wasn't enough to beat defending champion Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce from Jamaica. After the race, Jeter who just about glowed throughout heats, semifinals, and finals, said she hoped that she made us proud. I just want to say that she more than made us proud; she represented our country in such a strong, confident, graceful, and beautiful way. Seeing all these athletic and determined women made me so proud, it literally took my breath away watching them.

Women's 100m

1. Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce Jamaica 10.75
2. Carmelita Jeter U.S.A. 10.78 SB
3. Veronica Campbell Brown Jamaica 10.81 SB
4. Tianna Madison U.S.A. 10.85 PB
5. Allyson Felix U.S.A. 10.89 PB
6. Kelly Ann Baptiste Trinidad & Tobago
7. Murielle Ahoure Ivory Coast 11.00
8. Blessing Okagbare Nigeria 11.01

SB= Season Best
PB= Personal Best

* Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings moved on to the round of 16 in the beach volleyball tournament on day right. *

Kromowidjojo made it two for two in London winning gold in both her individual events: the 100 meter free and then the 50 meter, and along with the win in the 50, an Olympic record.

Women's 50m Freestyle

rank lane
1      4     Ranomi Kromowidjojo Netherlands 24.05 OR
2      5     Aliaksandra Herasimenia Belarus 24.28
3      3     Marleen Veldhuis Netherlands 24.39
4      6     Britta Steffen Germany 24.46
5      2     Francesca Halsall Great Britain 24.47
6      8     Therese Alshammar Sweden 24.61
7      1     Jessica Hardy U.S.A. 24.62
8      7     Arianna Vanderpool Wallace Bahamas 24.69

Yang Sun of China broke his own world record in the 1500 meter, and like Kromowidjojo, won his second gold medal at these Games. The U.S., a non factor in this race coming in in the sixth position.

Men's 1500m Freestyle

rank lane
1      4      Yang Sun China 14:31.02 WR
2      3      Ryan Cochrane Canada 14:39.63
3      5      Oussama Mellouli Tunisia 14:40.31
4      7      Taehwan Park Korea 14:50.61
5      6      Gregorio Paltrinieri Italy 14:51.92
6      1      Conor Jaeger U.S.A. 14:52.99
7      8      Mateusz Sawrymowicz Poland 14:54.32
8      2      Daniel Fogg Great Britain 15:00.76

Four women, all gold medalists in London, all added another gold medal to their repertoire in the women's 4x100 meter medley relay. Franklin won her fourth, Vollmer and Schmitt, won their third, and Soni her second. All four of them are fairly young and should be back in four years when the Rio Games take place. Swimming fans everywhere are already anticipating Franklin winning more medals and becoming the best female Olympian ever. It's inspiring to watch these young women all be so supportive of one another. I cannot wait to see them in Rio.

Women's 4x100m Medley Relay

rank lane
1     6      U.S.A. 3:52.05 WR
2     4      Australia 3:54.02
3     5      Japan 3:55.73
4     8      Russia 3:56.03
5     1      China 3:56.41
6     2      Netherlands 3:57.28
7     3      Denmark 3:57.76
8     7      Great Britain 3:59.46

He closed out his career with an 18th gold, grace, poise, confidence, and humility. Michael Phelps swam his final race and made even more history with the help of his teammates, Matt Grevers, Brendan Hansen, and Nathan Adrian.

Ryan Lochte spoke of how he would miss swimming against Phelps. Missy Franklin admired watching how beautiful Michael is when he swims and how much she will miss him. Allison Schmitt was able to train with Phelps and she's become a close friend; she felt inspired by Phelps and how dedicated he has been to the sport of swimming over all these years.

This night, August 4th, 2012, was truly the end of an era.

Men's 4x100m Medley Relay

rank lane
1      4     U.S.A. 3:29.35
2      3     Japan 3:31.26
3      6     Australia 3:31.58
4      5     Great Britain 3:32.32
5      1     Hungary 3:33.02
6      7     Germany 3:33.06
7      2     Netherlands 3:33.46
8      8     Canada 3:34.19


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