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London Olympics 2012: Day 10

* The U.S. Women's Soccer team is moving on and will play against Japan for the gold medal *


The U.S. team has struggled in these individual apparatus finals, only picking up one additional medal, McKayla Maroney's silver in vault. This continued on day ten with Gabby Douglas finishing in last place in the uneven bars, Sam Mikulak finishing fifth in men's vault, and no man from the American team even qualifying in still rings.

Men's Vault

1. Hak Sean Yang South Korea 16.533
2. Denis Ablyazin Russia 16.399
3. Igor Radivlov Ukraine 16.316

Aliya Mustafina won the gold that had alluded her in the all arounds and team event for Russia. She was dynamite on uneven bars gracefully flying up, down, and transitioning beautifully from high bar to low bar, and dismounting with a move named after herself. The "Mustafina" was named after her for a reason, because no one does it better. She smiled coyly as Gabby Douglas missed a handstand and had to improvise parts of her routine. Douglas finished in last place. After that, Mustafina knew the medal was hers, and rightfully so.

Women's Uneven Bars

1. Aliya Mustafina Russia 16.133
2. He Kexin China 15.933
3. Beth Tweddle Great Britain 15.916 (Great Britain continued to surprise at the Games winning their first ever medal in Women's Gymnastics.)

I feel like in every Olympic Games at least one athlete in gymnastics is robbed of one thing or another whether it be the chance to compete in an event or compete in a medal. Jordyn Wieber, for example was robbed of the chance to compete in the women's all around, even though she was 4th overall. It just seemed like such an injustice to her, the fans, this Games, and the sport of gymnastics as a whole. I have to wonder and hope that the audacity of her being left out will be enough to change the rules for the better and for good. Such a thing happened again when Chen Yibing of China received the silver medal instead of the gold on still rings. His performance was far better than his Brazilian competitor who won gold. No offense, but one must wonder whether or not this was all a way of readying the Brazilians for Rio 2016. Anyone else with me on this?

Men's Still Rings

1. Arthur Nabarrete Zanetti Brazil 15.900
2. Chen Yibing China 15.800
3. Matteo Morandi Italy 15.733

Pole Vault

Four years ago, Jenn Suhr won the silver in perfect conditions, and this year in London, around the most difficult of conditions, Suhr won gold. She must be one tough lady; even her competitor and Beijing gold medalist Isinbayeva agreed that she deserved to win.

Women's Pole Vault

1. Jenn Suhr U.S.A. 4.75m
2. Yarisley Silva Cuba 4.75m
3. Yelena Isinbayeva Russia 4.70m

Track & Field

It's a fact that the past four, 400 meter hurdle winners have been in this order:Angelo Taylor, Felix Sanchez, Taylor, Sanchez. At the age of 34, Felix Sanchez, New York born, but running for the Dominican Republic was an unlikely choice for gold; however, in some ways, he had unfinished business. In Beijing, Sanchez learned before running his heat that his grandmother had passed away; he never made it out of the heats, but promised and was determined to win another medal for his grandmother. Sanchez said following his victory, "It took me four years... I finally pulled it off". 

Men's 400m Hurdles

1. Felix Sanchez Dominican Republic 47.63 SB
2. Michael Tinsley U.S.A. 47.91 PB
3. Javier Culson Puerto Rico 48.10
4. David Greene Great Britain 48.24
5. Angelo Taylor U.S.A. 48.25
6. Jehue Gordon Trinidad & Tobago 48.86
7. Leford Green Jamaica 49.12
8. Kerron Clement U.S.A. 49.15

Kirani James was a part of one of the most sportsmanlike moments of these Games. Following his win in the 400 meter semifinal, he went up and traded bibs with double amputee, Oscar Pistorius who was eliminated in that round. The 19 year old would then go on to win Grenada's first ever Olympic medal, and it was a gold. The U.S. had won gold in the event for the past seven Olympics going back to 1984.

Men's 400m

1. Kirani James Grenada 43.94 NR
2. Luguelin Santos Dominican Republic 44.46
3. Lalonde Gordon Trinidad & Tobago 44.52 PB
4. Chris Brown Bahamas 44.79
5. Kevin Borlee Belgium 44.81
6. Jonathan Borlee Belgium 44.83
7. Demetrius Pinder Bahamas 44.98
8. Steven Solomon Australia 45.14

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