Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Bachelorette: Emily Makes Her Choice

Emily is still in Curacao and ready to introduce her final two suitors to her family and go on final dates with each of them. Both men ask for Emily's fathers blessing to ask Emily to marry them.

Emily decides while she is on the beach with Jef that she feels so strongly about her relationship with him that she allows him to meet Ricki. Emily says she cannot expect Jef to commit to her if she can't let him meet Ricki.

Upon meeting Ricki and hitting it off with her, Jef describes her as the most beautiful, fun creative, wild six year old ever. Jef is surprisingly good with Ricki getting her to trust him fairly quickly, and the three of them play together in the pool. Ricki even asked Emily if Jef could come back tomorrow, and truthfully, I think Emily's feelings for Jef combined with Ricki's approval sealed the deal. Jef touts about how this is the most excited he has ever been in his whole life. Jef being emotionally mature yet young at heart seems to be a wonderful combination for Emily and her daughter.

It's following this date that Emily decides that Jef is "the one". She meets with Chris Harrison and tells him that she has to let Arie go but that she doesn't know how she is going to do that.

Arie shows up at their final date together at an herb garden and makes a love potion for Emily. Emily shows up late looking upset, and Arie knows something is wrong; although, he is about to be totally caught off guard by what she is about to tell him. She finally musters up enough courage to tell him and says it's nothing that you did or did not do; you're everything, and for so long  I did think it was going to be me and you. Ultimately, she says she has more confidence with Jef. Arie thanks her for sparing the embarrassment and walks away.

On the final day, Emily doesn't know if she will be able to accept a proposal or not from Jef. When Jef arrives she tells him he is the only one who met Ricki and he is the only one there today since she let Arie go the day before. She says that with Jef, her dreams have been fulfilled 1000 times over. She says, "you're everything I've looked for for so long, you're my soul mate. I love you so so much, and I know that you're the one for me.

When it's Jef's turn to talk he tells Emily that, "God puts the right people in our lives when the timing is just right". He tells her that he is grateful that she did not give up on love, even when she could have. Jef once again tells Emily that he loves her and promises that what he is about to ask her is not for weeks, months, years, or even decades; it's a forever thing. That's what he asks Emily to marry him, and I think Emily believed his words when he said forever, and that's why she said yes.

This is a couple that I am actually really happy for, and I think they have the love, respect, and loyalty towards one another to make it.

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