Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Bachelorette: Emily's Season-- Prague Packs a Punch

Emily faced a surprise heading into Prague for the week; she discovered that Arie, who Emily has really liked since the beginning, had dated a producer from the show several years ago. He never told her about it, but, the producer, Cassie who is a friend of Emily's, decided to tell her because Emily's relationship with Arie has become so serious.

Emily invited Arie on the one on one date with her knowing full well that he was keeping this from her. It was initially a big deal to Emily that he had dated her friend, the producer, but she decided that because of the nature of their relationship and because of the way, she, herself, felt about Arie, that it didn't matter. She quickly got over her bad feelings, because her good feelings for him were so strong. Ari tells Emily he loves her and wants her to come meet his family.

John and Emily go on a one on one date to the John Lennon wall, and end up having dinner in a dungeon. John reveals to Emily that his last breakup was a bad one because his girlfriend ended up cheating on him. It's why he is so cautious now; he tells Emily he would love for her to meet his family. Following her date with John.........

Sean ran through the streets of Prague looking for Emily. What he did was a bit corny, but there were also elements of it that were really sweet. He finds her "alone" (cause she's not really alone; there's a camera crew) , and asks her what she is doing there by herself. This is the part of Sean that I really like; I love guys who are caring like that. She told Sean what a great surprise it was for him to be there, and they ended up going to a restaurant to talk. This was followed by some intense kissing in the streets of Prague. Woah! Emily looked pretty happy.

Then there is this awkward three on one date which literally ends up being the kiss of death for single dad Doug. Emily pulls Doug aside to basically let him know that she has to send him home; he gives her this awkward kiss. He then apologizes and she says that she likes him but doesn't see their relationship progressing.

Also included in this date is more hot Emily and Sean one on one time.

Chris pouts to Emily that he is upset that he didn't get a one on one date. It makes him look very juvenile to be doing this at this stage.

Jef wraps up Emily's week in Prague with a fun one on one date. They go to a puppet store together where they pick out puppets. Emily says she can see that Jef is so ready to be a dad. They put on their own impromptu puppet show in a library and Jef reveals to Emily that he is in love with her (through his puppet of course).

Chris interrupted the rose ceremony to talk to Emily; he apologized and told her that he's ready to be the man that she and Ricki deserve. Ultimately, it must have worked because Chris stayed and John was sent home. 

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