Monday, July 16, 2012

The Bachelorette: Emily Daydreams in Curacao

Emily took her final three guys to Curacao for fantasy dates. This is arguably the best final three on any season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

Sean went on the first date with Emily, and shared a letter that he wrote for her daughter Ricki should Sean and Emily be together. He tells Emily for the first time that he is without a doubt in love with her. They do go to the fantasy suite, and they spend time in the hot tub and doing some talking. Emily says that Sean is hot, manly, and that she cannot keep her hands off him. He ends up going home before the night is over; I bet they both need a cold shower.

Jef had the second fantasy date with Emily; he wants them to leave Curacao together and be a couple. They go out on a boat together, and Jef tells Emily that his family approves and his parents want to meet her. Emily says Jef would be a good parent because he is so fun. She says that she could keep Jef out of trouble and he could get her into some trouble. Emily feels like when she is with Jef, it's like no one else is there. He wants to spend every day of life with her like it's his last day.

Jef asked Emily questions, which I think was really smart; it showed that he had been thoughtful about their relationship. He asked where she wanted to live, and I thought it was interesting that she said, wherever you are, especially since she didn't want to move to Texas with Brad. Emily said that the reason that her previous relationships (minus Ricky) didn't work out was because they didn't have the whole package. Jef says he hasn't been able to see the end goal until he met Emily. She tells him that she can picture him there with Ricki.

The card for the fantasy suite arrives and Jef tells Emily he totally understands if she wants to bypass the suite because of the example she wants to set for her daughter. He is so confident that they will be together that he says that every night they have together going forward will be like going to their own personal fantasy suite. At the tree house fantasy suite Emily and Jef start kissing and he tells her that he loves her. It's almost like she wants to say it back to him. They also do not spend the night together.

Arie wants to know on his date with Emily how he would fit into her life. Basically, all they do on their date is kiss. Is this a good thing? Emily offers to move to Scottsdale with Arie if that's where he wants to live. When the fantasy suite card arrives, Emily cannot even give Arie the card because she doesn't trust herself to go to the fantasy suite with him. She says, "God, he's hot!". Emily tells him that he makes her feel like a woman and he says that Emily makes him feel like a man. They never make it to the fantasy suite; they kiss some more, and then part ways for the night.

Sean ends up being the fellow who goes home. He is speechless as he didn't even see it coming. He says he feels stupid and that this is going to hurt him. Emily starts crying, saying that she wanted it to be him so bad, and that she is going to miss him. He tells her before he leaves that he will miss her more than she knows and that he cares about her so much, so if this is best then he hopes that it works out. 

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