Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16: Let Bygones be Bygones and Forgive and Forget

The remaining ladies travel to Panama City, Panama for more coveted time with their bachelor Ben.

It's clear from the top of the show what Courtney has on her mind, more skinny dipping with Ben. This girl is relentless, and she talks about other people on the show being annoying, wow, she's confused.

Much to the chagrin of Courtney, Kacie B. receives the one on one date. Kacie B. and Ben are brought by helicopter to a deserted island called San Blas. The idea of this is to see how they are all alone together and having to work as a team to find food and shelter. They do quite well, and Ben gets to know Kacie B. a little bit more. Night fall finds them both cleaned up and at dinner. Kacie B. reveals to Ben that she lost control in high school and had an eating disorder for a year; the eating disorder was her attempt at taking control of something, in this case, her weight. She says it taught her that no one is perfect and that's okay. Ben tells her she is brave for telling him this, and that it took guts. Kacie B. is smitten and says, "on a scale of one to wonderful, today was fantastic". Ben completes her fantastic night by giving her a rose.

The group date to the Embera Village included Emily, Nicki, Lindzi, Casey S., Courtney, and Jamie arriving there with Ben and immediately being whisked away by the ladies of the village. The ladies change into traditional Embera clothing which is beaded tops with sarongs. Of course Courtney takes it to the extreme wearing no bikini top under her beaded top; this action did not surprise me. Ben comes out in a loin cloth and comments that he appreciated Courtney "bare chesting" it. Courtney calls the other ladies prudes. I am begin to feel more and more that maybe Ben and Courtney belong together. I wasn't aware that having respect for yourself and the people around you is being a prude; in other words, in my opinion, there is a time and a place for everything, and Courtney's behavior should have been saved when she was alone with Ben. She consistently kept commenting that she felt this date was a one on one with five other women around, but one could argue that she was being overly aggressive.

Later that night at a poolside dinner with drinks, Lindzi spends some alone time with Ben and tells him she's not a drama person and doesn't like to fight every day.
Ben tells Courtney he likes her assertiveness and she goes as far as to give him her room number at the hotel.
During Ben's time with Jamie, Courtney strips down to her bikini and gets into the pool which is right behind them, and Ben continues to lose concentration, not paying attention to Jamie whatsoever.
Emily shows her sense of humor with her time with Ben, and tells him her focus has changed, and she is focused on getting to know him.

Emily apologizes to Courtney, and says she feels like she was wrong about her. Courtney says she respects Emily for being direct, but she doesn't forgive and forget, and they will never be friends. Following this heated conversation, Ben pulls Lindzi aside and gives her the group date rose, which Courtney feels she should have received. She says she has been consistently disappointed by men, and she adds that Ben did not show up at her room that night. At least Ben did something right!

Rachel and Blakeley go off to their two on one date with Ben which involves Salsa dance lessons. It appears at the start that Ben is going to choose Blakeley because they're better dance partners, but Rachel seems to relate to Ben more. Their feelings match, it seems Blakeley feels more strongly for Ben than he does for her.
Rachel tells Ben she really wants to be here and see how their relationship progresses.
Meanwhile, Blakeley shows Ben a scrapbook that she made since she has been there showing how Ben changed her. She tells him that she doesn't want to lose him before he gets a chance to know her. I have to say, Blakeley seems really sincere, which is why I felt so horribly when he went ahead and chose Rachel. Blakeley stormed off in tears, trying to figure out why Ben didn't choose her. She tells him that she still cares about him.

In a shocker, Casey S. is sent home by Ben after it is discovered that she has an ex back home who she is still in love with.

The most awkward moment of this episode by far, goes to Jamie, poor Jamie, she tried to turn up the heat between her and Ben. It was just painful to watch, her body positions were awkward, the kisses were awkward. And in the end, it didn't even matter because Ben sent her home anyway.

Roses went to:
Kacie B.

Casey S.

Next week they're off to Belize.

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