Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16: Ben Bumbles in Belize

Wow, these ladies have been to some beautiful locations during this season, and Belize is no exception!

Lindzi receives the first one on one date in paradise with Ben, and up they go in a helicopter to begin. Poor Lindzi in convinced that she and Ben could possibly have a forever kind of relationship complete with marriage and kids. The helicopter hovers over a famous diving spot called the Blue Hole and Ben informs Lindzi that they will be jumping into it. Ben gives his typical, "I'm never gonna forget this moment.... overcoming this fear makes me believe we can do anything," speech. Lindzi says, I'm literally falling for Ben. At Dinner, Ben and Lindzi write their own fairytale; I found this a little bit lame because I felt Ben was insincere.

Emily gets the next one on one, and Courtney is once again seeing green, jealous of the fact that Emily got the date, and still talking about what Emily supposedly did to her. Courtney, I have a message for you, there's nothing wrong with telling someone the truth about another person. When she said you were here for the wrong reasons, she was telling the truth, and telling the truth isn't wrong. Emily and Ben shoot hoops with locals, go shopping, and then they go diving for lobsters. Emily enjoys Ben's spontaneity, and thinks their connection is something really special. She says she tries not to think of his connection with the other women.

Cut to Courtney complaining again..... she talks about how Emily said nasty things about her. What about the things she said about Emily, and every other girl in the house, that's a lot worse, and I feel like she is making excuses for her horrible behavior. Then she talks about how Ben betrayed her, wow, she really needs to get over herself!

Back to Emily and Ben, He speaks highly of Emily, and she hopes to be able to bring him back to North Carolina.

Courtney and the remaining ladies discover that she will have the final one on one date with Ben in Belize, and of course the inappropriate comments begin.... "he's a smart boy, he listens, he knew I needed it". Kacie B. is pretty angry about how rudely Courtney reacted to receiving the date. Kacie evens go so far as to mimic a black widow spider on her hand and she claps her two hands together, and saying this is Courtney, a black widow, and this is what I'd like to do to her.

At their date, Courtney is so manipulative, and Ben falls for it again, this guy is just not bright. Maybe he drank too much wine over the years. The women band together and discuss Courtney, Nicki says Emily was right about her from the beginning, Emily says she isn't surprised but she isn't going to say anything, she has to trust that he is perceptive enough to see it. Emily, I hate to say this, but your prince charming is dumb or he's superficial, one or the other. Kacie remarks that Courtney is a black widow who sucks the life out of everything. The girls hope Courtney will dig her own grave, but I doubt it's going to happen. Courtney says after this date, she's high on love, and she tells the camera that the other girls can pack their bags and go home now, and then she uses her hands to mimic guns; it's a really rude moment, and I have to wonder what Ben is thinking watching this now, unless of course, she manipulated him into not watching the show.

Courtney starts discussing the other girls with Ben and saying how she wouldn't be friends with them in real life, how they're too vanilla, how she has a lot of guy friends. She also says she tried so hard, 100%, to get to know them and compliment them. Courtney says she's not impressed by these women, well girls, cause she says they're not even women.

Kacie, Nicki, Rachel, and Ben go shark diving. Rachel is so terrified of the sharks that she ends up monopolizing Ben's time. Nicki makes her pitch as to why Ben should come home and meet her family, and he seems to relate to her. Kacie tells Ben she is falling in love with him, and she wants her family to know him and see that. Kacie B. receives the group date rose.

At the cocktail party, Courtney said, Ben's not the only guy in the world, either the spark is there or it's not. Chris Harrison comes out and announces that Ben knows what he wants to do and there will be no cocktail party. Then she celebrates the possibility of some of the ladies going home, and she said, see ya' wouldn't wanna be ya. Ben walks in and pulls Courtney aside, the ladies are hoping that this chat will result in her going home. I remain guarded because I just don't think Ben is smart enough to realize that this whole thing is a game to her. She can say whatever she wants, it doesn't mean that it's true. When questioned, she said of course she is here for him, and she didn't come to make friends with the other girls here. That being said, it doesn't mean you have to be rude or go out of your way to be hurtful towards someone.

Funny comment of the night is a tie between Kacie B. who said, "I would love to see Courtney trot her ass out of here like when she does when she gets a rose," Amen sister!

and Emily who said, "goodbye Courtney, it's been nice knowing you, my condolences to whichever man ends up with you," if only it were true my dear!

Roses went to Kacie B., Nicki, Lindzi, and Courtney

Eliminated was Rachel and Emily

Rachel and Emily literally look sick. Ben doesn't walk either one of them out which is really shocking which kind of shows you that he's not a gentleman at all, he's actually really rude. I have to say, next week is hometown dates, and I am dying to see where in the world Courtney came from.

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