Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16: Hometowns and Heartbreak

Lindzi is the first stop on Ben's Hometown Date week; she lives in Ocala, Florida. Ben says he has had a great feeling about Lindzi since the beginning. He syas he saw a serious side to her on this date that he really liked, and Lindzi agrees that vulnerability is important in a relationship and she is thinking about marrying Ben. Lindzi's parents live in the country and are so nice and welcoming. They have a horse carriage race Ben and Lindzi against Lindzi's parents and the father proclaims, "the old people win".

Lindzi's mom and dad got married in city hall where Ben and Lindzi had their first date. Ben talks to Lindzi's mom who says that she believes Lindzi has grown up a lot and is ready for marriage. Harry, Lindzi's dad really connects with Ben and likes him a lot, and hopes his intentions with Lindzi are good. Ben says after the date that Lindzi is humble and grounded. Ben says he thinks he might be falling in love with Lindzi and he wouldn't change anything about their day together.

Kacie B. takes us to Clarksville, Tennessee, and back to high school when she leads the band with her baton twirling. Her high school football field was named after her grandfather, Harold Boguskie; she admired the love that her grandparents shared. Ben says that Kacie has an endearing quality and she puts him at ease and knows who she is. Ben is nervous because Kacie's dad is a federal probation officer and doesn't drink at all.

Ben meets Kacie's mom Martha, dad Denny, and sister Alison. Kacie tells Alison that she feels that Ben is her future husband because she doesn't have to be someone she's not around him. Ben tells Denny that Kacie's ability to communicate is why she has gotten this far. Denny tells Ben that is Kacie is not the one, he hopes she is told soon because he doesn't want her to get hurt. Martha tells Ben that she doesn't agree with living together before being married. Kacie tells her dad she has fallen in love with him and she would want to move to San Francisco and she's frustrated with her dad because he thinks she hasn't thought things through and questioning how she feels. Kacie is worried because she thinks her parents' influence has made questions develop in her relationship.

Fort Worth, Texas is all about Nicki! They start off by going boot and cowboy hat shopping. Nicki feels that going through a divorce has made her stronger, and she feels she would be a better wife. Nicki says she wouldn't be able to meet someone her parents didn't approve of. She says they have been divorced almost her whole life.

Ben meets Nicki's mom Cora, dad Doug, and brother Matt. Cora sees a connection between Nicki and Ben that she didn't see with Nicki's ex husband. Nicki's dad says he is concerned that if things don't work out Nicki is going to be hurt. He says he may have given her hand in marriage too quickly last time. Nicki tells Ben she can see herself with him, and she knows that she's in love with him. Ben says he got great vibes from Nicki's family and he believes she could make him very happy.

Courtney hails from Scottsdale, Arizona. Wow, she actually says she isn't proud of all the things she's done, she feels badly and disappointed in herself for the way she has treated the girls. Ben meets Courtney's mom Sherry, dad Rick, and sister. Sherry says she would be really surprised if Courtney is in love. It's so weird to see Courtney hugging another woman (in this case her sister). Rick tells Ben marriage is life's biggest gamble and there is a 50% chance of winning. What's with this family and winning? Courtney and Sherry have the same mouth, just noticing this. Courtney tells her mom that she is falling for him, and her mom says their personalities seem well suited.

Ben and Courtney leave her parents' house for a picnic. She tells him that she's ready for that chapter in her life. She says Ben is a breath of fresh air for her, and she wants to tell him she loves him in a very special way. She has set up a mock wedding for them. She gives him a notebook so that they can write vows. He says she challenges him, she's funny, she keeps him on his toes, she's confident, sexy, beautiful, and she keeps him thinking. Wow, Ben, let's not go overboard. Ben says he saw a vulnerable side of Courtney as they read their mock vows to each other. She went through with it, and told Ben that she loved him.

Order of the Roses:

Kacie B. is eliminated, I saw shades of it in her hometown, but I didn't want to believe it.

Ben says he feel brokenhearted and sorry and she tells him she doesn't want him to feel that way. She says she knew there was a chance. She gets into the car and says she thought she knew what he was looking for but she was wrong. She says she doesn't understand why she wasn't good enough and wonders how this happened when she loved him. She cries as the car drives down the road.

Ben announces to the remaining ladies that they are off to Switzerland.

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